How to evaluate the butterfly fan played by Venus? She said the role was her own

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evaluate butterfly fan played venus

Venus is not just a dancer , And an actor , She once played a breakup master 、 The birth of the Dragon 、 My goddess, my mother and other works , In these works , Venus is doing well , But in these works , Venus plays very little , She doesn't enjoy herself , So I took a corner of the butterfly fan in the forest sea and snow field . Before the work was broadcast , Venus indicates that the character must belong to itself , How to evaluate the butterfly fan played by Venus ?

What TV series is Venus playing butterfly fans

How to evaluate the butterfly fan played by Venus ? Butterfly fan is a woman of all kinds , Seductive she is very domineering , When bandits, Miss Kuo opened a kiln , If you don't want money, you'll be happy , That's what she said . When I heard Venus play this role , The audience is still looking forward to , In the hearts of many viewers , Venus has an outstanding temperament , Be forthright , It fits the whole character very well . But after the show was broadcast , Many make complaints about Venus's performance , Many viewers think she is a little exaggerated .

Venus plays a butterfly fan

For this role , Venus has great confidence , She said she climbed from men to women , Just for this role . Hear the of Venus “ Ambitious words ” The audience naturally looks forward to it , The actors themselves think they are good , The final effect will not be too bad . But after watching Venus in the play , Many viewers were shocked , Venus's acting is a little too flashy , And the shape of Venus in the play is not suitable for her . Although the external reputation is not high , But her performance was praised by Wang Kuirong .

How to evaluate the butterfly fan played by Venus

How to evaluate the butterfly fan played by Venus ? There are some parts in the play , Venus is really a little pompous , But some places are really good , The domineering spirit of Venus is also displayed incisively and vividly in this play . If the shape can be changed , I believe the final broadcast effect will be better . I don't know. After this role , Will Venus try other roles ? It makes people look forward to it .

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