It's too burning. The times Youth League issued a new song "rosefinch", and the whole staff became a beautiful youth with national style!

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burning. burning times youth league

By Ma Jiaqi 、 Song Yaxuan 、 Liu Yaowen and other seven members of the times Youth League , It has been very popular since its debut . Members often appear in major variety shows , They have also been adhering to their music dreams , It has been published so far 《 Young Jianghu 》 Wait for four albums .

Recently, the times youth league has released a new single 《 rosefinch 》, It's a Chinese theme , Seven members incarnate together “ Young people with beautiful national style ”, Temperament and appearance coexist , It's a real eye opener .

The members of the Youth League who received singing and dancing training since childhood , Singing and dancing has always been recognized by the audience , In the international pop music trend , They have been trying something with their own characteristics .

The Youth League has tried before 《 Huo Yuanjia 》 Wait for the stage of Chinese style , The members' interpretation is also commendable . This time, , They try to absorb nutrients from China's deep culture , Explore more contemporary ” New national style “ Concept .

rosefinch , There are rich colors in our country's culture , It is the four spirits in ancient mythology ( Four holy elephants ) One of , It represents light and fire , Others think it symbolizes auspiciousness like the Phoenix .

The Youth League will 《 rosefinch 》 As the main song in the first chapter of the new album series , This shows their sincerity and ambition , It seems that I want to 2021 Light up their era flame in .

Since its debut, the era Youth League has attracted much attention , Their every move will be magnified and observed by the public , While accepting flowers and applause, it is inevitable to face all kinds of darkness . and 《 rosefinch 》 The lyrics of , It's like members' inner monologues , In front of the mountains and dark clouds , They want to be like rosefinches , Bravely break through the night .

Of the Youth League 《 rosefinch 》, From Qu Feng 、 Melody to lyrics , It's all very orthodox Chinese flavor , And I feel quite ambitious . The fans left messages after listening : I hope the times youth league is like a rosefinch , Break out of their world , Usher in your own era !

After nearly two years of walking side by side ,7 Although the young man is still very young , But it has been transformed , More and more let the audience and listeners see their strength and charm .

You who like music or the Youth League , You might as well listen to 《 rosefinch 》 This song , Teenagers won't let you down !

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