Li Xiang's ex husband returned to the ranks of the rich. When talking about his ex-wife, he said it was better to find it on the street

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li xiang ex husband returned

Everyone is very familiar with Li Xiang's name , She used to shine brightly on the stage , Later, because of family and emotional problems, I gradually chose to retire . But now she not only has a happy family , There seems to be a very successful trend in career . It's just a pity because of what Li Xiang did when he was young , So she also offended some people , Has a bad reputation , It's like before she met Wang yuelun , In fact, there was a marriage , And married the rich Li Houlin .

Li Xiang's ex husband is Li Houlin . Li Houlin was also a rich man , In the diamond business . Often participate in activities with stars , Later I met Li Xiang , It was not long before the news of their marriage came out .

It is also under such circumstances , Li Xiang is too realistic , Also criticized by netizens is very powerful . But it's obviously because of this decision , Li Xiang also has a relatively happy life now .

2004 Two people held a luxurious wedding , To be married . Many people think that Li Xiang will be at home to teach her husband and children , Live a rich life , But before long , Li Houlin went bankrupt , And Li Xiang and he chose to divorce , Everyone accused him , You can't share adversity with your husband .

But I believe that with the continuous development of time , They can also have different new lives , After all, Li Xiang is really very happy now , And a lovely daughter , It can be regarded as a winner in life .

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