Burn! "Waste wood" is a guest performance of Li's birthday. He only said one sentence in the whole process, but it filled up the comedy effect

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burn waste wood guest performance

Speaking of Li's birthday , Everyone thinks differently about him . Some people like Li's birthday very much , Think Li Dan is humorous and talented ; Others don't like Li's birthday , Think he's been... All day “ laugh ”, Make a noise , Lazy and loose .

Especially before Li's birthday 《 Desired life 》, Keep chatting with Chen he , Transfer negative energy anytime, anywhere , Very noisy. .“ Chen he and Li shengnao ” Once on Weibo hot search . Li birthday in 《 Desired life 》 A series of performances in , It also left a lot of people “ lazy ” The impression of .

Li Sheng is really a talent , Talk show , Start a company with someone else . Although Li Sheng always puts “ The world is not worth ” This sentence is on the lips , But he just looks “ Decadent ”, In fact, he has made some achievements .

Recently, there is a film called 《 Burn it ! Fag 》 In the play , Li Dan also surprised and guest starred in this play , Say it 《 Burn it ! modern drama 《 Loser 》 It is also regarded by many people as Li Dan's own struggle history . Of course , Li Dan's struggle history is wonderful enough , Li Tan himself is also in line with “ Fag ” That's what I'm saying .

“ Loser ” It looks decadent , Actually very talented , Wait for the opportunity to move , There's always burning 、 Luminescence 、 A hot day to show your talent , Great potential . It's really similar to Li's birthday .

This play is a remake of Korean drama 《 Come on, Wilkie 》, But on the basis of remake ,《 Burn it ! Loser 》 It also integrates a lot of local things , And 《 Come on, Wilkie 》 Somewhat different .

stay 《 Burn it ! Fag 》 in , It is mainly about 《 Burn it ! Fag 》 Interesting things that happened in

Three “ Fag ” The process of youth realizing their dreams .

As a guest , Li Dan appeared quite early in the play , The first episode appeared , As an investor .

Hu Yanzu, played by Wang Hedi, was recommended by others to a crew , Met an investor , This investor is still called “ General's birthday ” Li Tan of .

however , This “ Birthday Manager ” It's strange . He doesn't like talking , Point with your fingers , Let others guess what he means . See here , You really think of the lyrics “ simply ”.

I don't know what the play is about

The irony of the metaphor is , Even if “ Birthday ” Shut up , The whole crew can understand him , our “ loser ” Hu Yanzu didn't understand .

After Li's birthday , Only one word was said in the whole process , And took a selfie “ Kissing ”.

The play , Christmas always invites the whole show to eat fried chicken , Hu Yanzu's mouth was stained with sauce . Birthday always points your finger to the cheek of your mouth , It implies that Hu Yanzu .

Hu Yanzu always asked him to kiss his cheek when he thought of Christmas , So he summoned up the courage to kiss Li on the cheek .

This scene is really shocking , Li Dan's facial expression is also very rich , Said the only line “ hate !”

If it weren't for Li's birthday , I thought his “ Birthday ” It's dumb . Have to say , This line fills the comic effect !

《 Burn it ! Loser 》 This light comedy , Although some plots are a little awkward , But as a dinner drama, it is quite qualified !

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