"Meizhou Zhoushen"! Meizhou teenager Yu Kong's song "just in time" amazed "the good voice of China"

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“Hi! My name is Yu Kong , From Meizhou, Guangdong , I have a magical family , My mother is a beautiful Chinese painting teacher , He is also the inheritor of the snuff bottle painted inside the national intangible cultural heritage project , My father is a director and actor of Guangdong Han Opera , My grandparents are also actors of Guangdong Han Opera , Grandma from 1953 Enter the industry in , One song is 68 year , grandpa 1961 When performing in Shanghai in , I'm also lucky to be accepted as an apprentice by Mr. Gai jiaotian, the leader of wusheng , This is my magical family .”

8 month 6 Japan , stay 《 The voice of China 》 In the second episode of the fourth season , Yu Kong from Meizhou, Guangdong, made a stunning appearance , With 《 just 》 Present the ethereal beauty of the play , Superb singing skills with a delicate and ethereal voice , Attract on-site tutor Na Ying and Tutor LI Keqin to warmly invite him to join their respective teams .

“ It's just that the fluorescence is too mottled , Too much thought in the air , How to look at each other without going too far , Crush the cumbersome clues , Let the scene go , Disdain the results, only expect the consequences ……” Open your voice , Yu Kong's melodious and graceful ethereal voice won the praise of the teachers , Finally, he won the turn of on-site tutor Na Ying and Tutor LI Keqin .

The reporter learned in the program that , I have no major in music , He came from a family of Han Opera in Guangdong , With a love of music , Influenced by family opera, he has more reference and guidance for singing skills , A little bit like music , Finally embarked on this road . Yu Kong's singing not only brightens people's eyes, but also makes the tutors say that his singing has the characteristics of Zhou Shen , It's like going back to season 3 《 The voice of China 》 Zhou Shen's concert .

Yu Kong also said that Zhou Shen was his example , Tutor Na Ying thinks his voice is deeper, heavier and stronger than Zhou , Explosive articulating things are very special and different , Tutor LI Keqin also tried his best to grab the student . Final , Yu Kong chose his mentor Li Keqin .

The scene of the day , Yu Kong showed the Hakka dialect and the opera tune of the national intangible cultural heritage Guangdong Han Opera , Through the television screen in front of the national audience , It won bursts of applause from the on-site tutors and the audience .

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