Huo Zun's relationship is suspected to be official? The woman took a group photo and had a high appearance. She also went to the Spring Festival Gala. It is said that Huofeng agreed

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huo zun relationship suspected official

8 month 8 Japan , A dancer named Chen Lu took a close group photo with Huo Zun on the social platform , And Aite himself , The official announcement of the suspected relationship between the two , For a while, it caused heated discussion among netizens .

In the photo , Huo Zun held Chen Lu tightly in his arms , The girl's face was full of happy smiles . Both were dressed in black casual clothes , The face value is super high and the facial features are exquisite , It seems that men and women match very well .

Netizens saw the photos exposed by Chen Lu , Some people think Huo Zun is a singer , It's marriage age again , Whether there is a girlfriend or not doesn't affect fans' listening to songs . Some netizens also said , Fans have long known that Huo Zun has a girlfriend , The two have been dating for many years .

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