Jia Nailiang's return is not welcome? Huang Minghao and Qin Hao jointly tricked him. In fact, he only lost in being too kind

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jia nailiang return welcome huang

8 month 8 Friday night ,《 Extreme challenge treasure line 2》 The fifth issue of positive film goes online ,7 Ji Yuan and Wang Xun were absent for the second time , Only Qin Hao is left 、 Huang Minghao 、 Zhang Binbin 、 Wang Yanlin and he Luoluo are stationed in . The program group specially invited Jia Nailiang 、 Li Qin and Chen Zhipeng helped , Among them, Jia Nailiang 、 Li Qin is 《 A pick 》 Senior player of , The sense of variety is very strong .

Need to know , since 《 A pick 》 The revised , The program group has invited Yang Chaoyue 、 Yu Shuxin 、 Actress Deng Ziqi and Xin Zhilei participated in the recording , Li Qin is one of the best , It's easy to cheat Deng Lun's Princess , Not only contributed to the super high topic of the program , Also led the program audience , The audience praised her like a tide .

After a few months , Li Qin was invited to join again 《 Extremely select the treasure line 》, Her performance is still not disappointing , Qin Hao 、 Huang Minghao and the two permanent representatives share equally , Achieved the most exciting program . By comparison , Jia Nailiang's return this time can use “ be isolated and helpless ” To describe , Not only are there no familiar brothers , Even Huang Minghao “ betrayal ” He was .

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