Kou Shixun fell in love with bodybuilding Miss Xu Lidan and took her home. Within a few days, the "husband and wife" lost a circle

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kou shixun fell love bodybuilding

After Kou Shixun married Cui Yaoqi , Life is extremely happy , But then he fell in love with Miss Xu Lidan , And take her home , In a few days, three people lost a circle , Cui Yaoqi said : She lives 2 floor , I live in 3 floor , Lest you run back and forth hard !

1954 year , A family in Taiwan has welcomed a newborn baby , The loud cry broke the silence of the room , This baby is Kou Shixun .

When he was a child, he was naughty , Running around every day , In good health , Hardly ever get sick .

After graduating from University, Kou Shixun fell into a brief confusion , In order to make a living, I work and start a business like the people around me . During this period, he did a lot of small businesses and didn't develop very well , I didn't make any money .

A chance , Kou Shixun signed up for the film company , Become an actor . Although he was very handsome at that time , Just a nobody , It's hard to pick up a play !

Kou Shixun can only find another way , Pick up some clowns who are not liked , For example 《 Pure love 》 The play , Kou Zhenxun plays a disfigured and disabled hero .

Compared with the starting dragon suit , This is also a good resource , After all, it's a hero , It can be regarded as the peak of debut .

Kou Shixun opened up his popularity with this film , Coupled with his unremitting efforts , Finally got a firm foothold in the show business .

30 At the age of , Kou Shixun played 《 changjiang 》 and 《 Last night the stars 》 Make him famous .

Have to say , Kou Shixun's acting skills are commendable , And his love life is more wonderful than his acting career .

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