From the heroes all over the world to the laughing stock of the public, see how Superman movies fell

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About the role of Superman , I believe you are also very familiar with .

As the first superhero in the history of Meiman , Superman was not only born first , And it has long been known all over the world in various ways , Has become a cultural element .

however , Let's not talk about his achievements in other fields this time , Let's talk about movies .

Superman's movie road , Compare his omnipotent image in front of the screen , It can be said to be the exact opposite .

Plain sailing is not a word , Even “ Steady development ” The word is extravagant .

The most suitable for the development of Superman film series , yes “ High low ”.

Of course , Behind this , There are film makers Warner Brothers and some directors 、 Producer's “ The credit ”.

The idea of Superman film first appeared in 1973 year , But then because of copyright , Therefore, it took a long time to determine the project , Even director Donna is 1977 year 1 It was determined only in June , distance 《 superman 1》 There are only 1 More than a year .

The original plan , yes 《 superman 1~2》 At the same time , Then it is divided into two shows , At the same time, the budget was the highest level of all films at that time .

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