Another "Du Meizhu" appeared. Why did netizens support Yang Yang on one side this time?

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du meizhu appeared. appeared netizens

First, Guo Qilin , Then to Huang Duoduo , Now it's Yang Yang ,“ Wu Yifan's sequelae ” It's time to stop .

As soon as Wu Yifan's affair happened , Many netizens are also busy .

Some netizens who claim to be Guo Qilin's girlfriend , He directed and acted for a while , Look, the forest didn't pay attention to her , It will be “ pan ” Throw it on the wine , Show that you have drunk too much .

Hurt Huang Lei's daughter with words , Look at Huang Lei's attitude , I want to be held accountable , Hard to the end .

Now because 《 You are my glory 》 Yang Yang, who was caught in the fire , Someone spilled a basin of dirty water .

After what happened to Meizhu and Wu Yifan , Some people's minds live .

For people who want to be red , They found a new way to make themselves hot quickly , That's how to copy all Meizhu .

Don't you see Meizhu because of the exposure of top male stars ? So some big v There's something to learn , For the so-called “ Victimized girl ” Expose the actor's true face , Implies that Yang Yang and his fans have something to do .

If this is hammered by a solid hammer , How many people will have to be shocked .

I thought after Wu Yifan , Yang Yang will be affected by rumors , I didn't expect many people on the Internet to believe , Netizens seem to have heard a joke . Mainly this big v Although our practice is like Meizhu , But she's not .

People are naming names and presenting evidence , Multiple voices , This big v Well ? Just a cartoon , I dare not even say my name , Lead the topic to others secretly , Let netizens guess by themselves .

And Meizhu is a girl bullied by Wu Yifan , The informant was not a party in Yang Yang's case .

what's more , Wu Yifan was photographed a long time ago , Yang Yang feels clean , Military origin again , It can be said that he is a good young man . If netizens don't believe him, who else can they trust ?

After this , Many people find that although stars earn more , But the pressure is also very bearable .

Like Huang Lei , Because of the special status of actor , His daughter Duoduo has also attracted much attention .

The more attention , The more controversial , The girl was questioned by netizens at a young age . Some people say she's scheming , There are also artificial rumors that she was expelled from school , Although the school refuted the rumor personally , Huang Lei also called the police , But my baby pimples are spread so blindly , You can imagine how angry you are .

Rumor mongers can be so cruel to children , Adults don't have to think about it .

Fortunately, stars are public figures , Strong tolerance , If you touch a glass heart , I'm afraid I can't eat the bowl of star rice .

But Yang Yang was rumored this time , It also proved that he was angry again .

As a high traffic actor , He comes from a good family , High beauty , But always a little bad luck .

Before that, because 《 It's a big smile 》, His popularity has greatly increased , It's mainly set up by the xiaonai people , High beauty , There's nothing wrong with his performance . But since the heroine of the play had an accident , This work is a little out of hand , He hasn't had a decent work for a long time .

Many people worry , He will cool down because he can't get good resources , At this time 《 You are my glory 》 Just in time .

Netizens haven't been happy for him for long , Rumors about him and his female fans are coming again . Although it's bad , But doesn't this just mean that Yang Yang and his new play are popular ? After all, 18 line little stars , Those reporters are too lazy to make up stories .

But I still want to advise those who pick things : Wu Yifan's story has been gone for so long , People who want to rub the heat and learn from Meizhu , Let's take a break !

Although whistleblowers get high traffic as they wish , But was warned by the star lawyer , Even if you're scared, you can't make it !

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