Chen he's ex-wife Xu Jing remarried? See cowboys with foreign boyfriends and ring finger rings

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8 month 8 Japan , Xu Jing, an Internet celebrity, posted many photos taken while watching the cowboy festival in Canada . According to Xu Jing , She first learned that Canada has a cowboy Festival .

Photos exposed by Xu Jing , The Canadian cowboy Festival allows cowboys from all over the world to go to . Xu Jing's clothes are also very suitable for the cowboy Festival , Oversized cowboy hat with dark sexy suspender T T-shirt , Pair it with jeans , Sexy without losing cowboy style .

Watch the Canadian cowboy Festival , Xu Jing was accompanied by her foreign boyfriend , Xu Jing also put out a photo A group photo of two people dressed up for cowboy festival to show their love . In the photo , Xu Jing and her foreign boyfriend rely on each other to shoot and flash in the full-length mirror , Xu Jing's boyfriend has a proud and petite expression , Xu Jing smiled sweetly , Obviously, they are in a good mood after cowboy Festival , In addition, it can be seen that their relationship is very problematic .

It is worth mentioning that , Xu Jing took a mobile phone and photographed a ring on the ring finger of her left hand . There was a rumor that Xu Jing and her foreign boyfriend , Bought a house in her boyfriend's country and decorated it .

In addition, Xu Jing once wore a ring on her ring finger , Used to represent married status , Has Xu Jing made further progress with her boyfriend ?

Xu Jing is well known by the outside world because of her marriage to Chen he , The two have been dating since they were in school , When Chen Heyin plays 《 Love apartment 》 After zhongzeng Xiaoxian became famous , Into marriage . However, fate is too wonderful , They were married for less than two years , Towards the end .

After that, Xu Jing became a tourist , Travel around the world all year round . In tourism all over the world , Xu Jing made a foreign boyfriend , They have a strong relationship , Once passed away, it means further development . But neither side gave a positive response , So at present, it is still the random speculation of the media and netizens .

Xu Jing is currently engaged in the tourism industry , And opened their own B & B brand . There was news that his family was rich , And very talented . This aspect can also be confirmed , After all, when Xu Jing was most concerned by the outside world , No choice to enter the entertainment industry , Obviously, affluence doesn't care about the high income in the entertainment industry .

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