Peach blossom dock Li Xueqin is smarter; Spicy eyes are more intelligent; Sanchen didn't see anything wrong. No wonder he was exempted

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peach blossom dock li xueqin

A lot of times , I feel 《 Fifty kilometers to Taohuawu 》 It is the magic mirror prepared by the director group for many artists , Everyone who participates in this reality show , Will unconsciously expose their own character and temperament . And the program group is very clever , Specially invite these artists who are used to being casual to do this season's program , Because these artists have not experienced long-term enterprise 、 Militarization 、 Regular professional influence and training , So their discipline and sense of team are very poor . Or we can say , They are more personality 、 People who are more self-centered or even selfish .

The reason why they can live well , Because they have superb skills , This is their capital enough to look down on others . And this powerful capital can support them to live a good life freely . therefore , In this case, who are they afraid of , Who can control them ? This feature is what the program group should make special use of . Then everyone's personality is reflected in the magic mirror , In front of the audience . In the program , Zhou also didn't integrate into everyone's game , So he left angrily . In fact, she doesn't call it a matter at all , It can only be said that her EQ and experience are too poor .

Actually , In addition to Song Dandan 、 Hsu Chi 、 Outside Zhou Jie , There are really a few hard stubbles of strength . For example, Zhang Han 、 Guo Qilin 、 Wang Sulong 、 Spicy Yangzi 、 Li Xueqin and so on , All belong to the first echelon of hard power . And Meng Ziyi 、 Sue mans 、 Chen Chen 、 Ou ou 、 Peng Chuyue 、 Kuan-lin lai 、 Zhou and others almost belong to the second echelon . And Lai Guanlin 、 Three Chen 、 Ou ou 、 Su mang et al , It's almost the third echelon . ok , Alone, Chen ( I call him “ Three Chen ”), He can't see the height of his eyebrows . Even he is even more out of position . It can be said that he chose to be the dock master , It's a fatal mistake .

Be sure to think this is just a variety show , You don't take it seriously , This is the real Jianghu , There is also discrimination 、 cheat 、 for 、 Rolling, etc . But sanchen didn't see this . As a result, one performance art reduced his image and prestige to human exhaust again and again in everyone's eyes . No wonder at the meeting of this program , Even Li Xueqin dared to openly shout with him and opposed . Actually , Li Xueqin is the smartest person , Her eyes are very original . Why didn't she dare to refute you in the first two programs ?

Or that sentence , Li Xueqin is quite clever . Why is her story not funny now ? stay 《 Listen to my sister 》 I was defeated by five amateur sisters with funny ability . Because she used her intelligence to make money 、 Used to participate in variety shows , She wants to consolidate her position in the Jianghu as soon as possible in a short time 、 Complete capital accumulation as soon as possible . Now you see ? Li Xueqin gradually began to show her personality in the program . She said she hated taking part in group activities most 、 I hate living with a group of people . I haven't participated in any group activities since I was a child .

But we observe a person , Not only depends on what she says , It depends more on what she does , That's the most important thing . After Li Xueqin became popular , Does she participate in a few variety shows ? Which variety show is not a group activity ? Which variety show doesn't listen to the director or PD The commander of ? also , Which is not a dorm during college ? You might as well check Li Xueqin's variety shows , Which one she didn't take very seriously ? in addition , We found that there is no phenomenon , She is very close to Guo Qilin , And it's easy to talk .

Do you think it's common ? Then you're really wrong . This is her collection of variety resources 、 The inevitable step of networking resources . In the future, Li Xueqin is bound to take the road related to comedy , Hold the thighs of Deyun society and Benshan media , It's her art career 、 The inevitable option to earn food money . therefore , Li Xueqin likes to have a narrow range of contacts , Only the small circle of people like Guo Qilin and Northeast China . The scope of spicy Yoko is obviously much broader than that of Li Xueqin , And she's a citizen 、 lively 、 An easy-going girl , She is the best at adjusting the atmosphere in a hot field .

Of course, Lamu has her own goals and plans . Her future path must be film and television comedy , Of course, stage drama is indispensable . therefore , She treats everyone so lively 、 Be kind 、 Refreshing 、 Sensible . In contrast, Li Xueqin and Ramu Yoko , On the contrary, the former seems a little petty . And Ryoko knows better , Film and television resources 、 Variety resources , This is the basis for artists to survive . So she is trying her best to develop and maintain every root around her , Even subtle roots . This is the wisdom of Ramu Yoko , Not smart .

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