He is better than Huang Li in Hong Kong. After a song praising Andy Lau, why does he no longer cooperate?

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better huang li hong kong.

1991 year , There are no four heavenly kings , Andy Lau can only be called a good actor .

At that time, the entertainment circles in Hong Kong trained all-round actors , Andy Lau has released eleven albums , Hundreds of songs , No one can sell .

And the real achievement of Andy Lau is that song 《 The days we passed together 》.

This song made him popular at the most important node of his career , Successfully ranked among the four heavenly kings .

In fact, it is specially made for Andy Lau , The person who created this song is Wu Xia music score master Hu Weili .

Andy Lau once said such a sentence , Originally, Du Qifeng didn't believe I could sing .

It was Hu Weili who wrote me a song , He believed it .

After making andy lau famous in one fell swoop , I never wrote a song for him again .

Compared with the composition assembly line project at that time , Hu Weili listened to all Andy Lau's songs , Study Andy Lau's voice , Finally, I composed a song on the lyrics .

He used the erhu instead of the high voice , Melodious and graceful , With Andy Lau's low magnetic voice .

At that time , No one dares to make such a bold arrangement .

When Andy Lau himself got the song , It is also proposed to remove the sound of Erhu .

Hu Weili said , Erhu music is the essence of this song , If you remove it, don't sing .

but , Liu Tianwang can only compromise .

Who knows, it is this bold arrangement , Make this song full of chivalry .

This song pushed Andy Lau's singing career to the peak , Hu Weili retired with success .

later , Have the intention to let Hu Weili and Andy Lau cooperate again , Hu Weili refused .

For Hu Weili , Doing the same thing is a waste of life .

After all, the first half of my life , Hu Weili did too many repetitive things .

Hu Weili ,1937 Born in Hong Kong , During the war of resistance against Japan, I traveled in Guangdong 、 guilin .

He didn't settle in Shanghai until the end of the war .

1955 He was admitted to Beijing Normal University in .

Because I was obsessed with music , In the university , He began to create .

With extraordinary talent , His songs are included in the teaching materials of the National Conservatory of music .

At that time, he was just a college student .

Xueba Hu Weili naturally stayed in school to teach after graduation .

1960 year , What an honor to have a job as a university teacher , Hu Weili is also proud of his ancestors .

《 Childhood dream 》、《 Home water 》 And other popular works , It all came from him .

In the 1970s and 1980s , Hu Weili became a well-known master in the Mainland .

Successively in Beijing Academy of art 、 China Conservatory of music teaches .

To outsiders, he has a bright future , Infinite brilliance , But in his own opinion, he is mediocre .

He was engaged in artistic creation in the mainland at that time , There will be great ideological limitations , Most of the time it's repeated in the melody .

Everything is so dull .

This is for Hu Weili, who has an artistic pursuit in music , The pain is unbearable .

Work in 26 After year , Hu Weili summoned up the courage to resign from this “ It's brilliant ” The job of .

The university professor lost his job .

Hong Kong in the 1980s , Is the “ East Hollywood ”.

The development prospect of the film and television industry is very good , freedom to create .

Hu Weili was attracted by this atmosphere , Go to Hong Kong alone .

This year , Hu Weili 50 year .

Over half a hundred years old, he began to pursue his dream .

The language , cultural difference , Hu Weili, who first arrived in Hong Kong, was at a loss when he looked at the bustling Hong Kong .

Teach piano to write accompaniment and participate in the performance , Hu Weili started from these basic work .

But he enjoys all the work related to music .

Here he creates freely , Thought Leap , Infinite happiness .

Only three months , Hu Weili entered the world with his outstanding talent TVB Inside .

Hu Weili 、 Tsui 、 Chen Kun

At that time TVB, Mainly develop film and television , I hardly care about the soundtrack of TV series .

Basically rely on copyrighted finished products , Several TV plays often use the same ending song .

The use of those soundtracks over and over , Not only did the audience curse , Insiders are also anxious .

To change the status quo , Hu Weili bought a set of equipment at his own expense , Research soundtrack .

The new equipment is all in English , Hu Weili looked at those complicated English and wanted to cry without tears .

Think of consulting colleagues , But no one wants to talk to him .

In contrast, , Hu Weili bought a dictionary , Learn to use the device while flipping through the dictionary .

Conjecture leads to Meng , Not only master the equipment , He also created the soundtrack of more than 50 TV dramas .

That's it , Hu Weili ended... On his own TVB The embarrassing situation of not having original soundtrack for many years .

《 Drunken boxing 》 Light and lively 《 a market 》;

《 Tang Baihu points autumn fragrance 》 Playful and interesting 《 March forward courageously 》;

Go forward bravely, Hu Weili - Tang Baihu points autumn fragrance Movie Soundtrack

《 Taiji Zhang Sanfeng 》 Drift majestic 《 Steal work 》;

Steal Gong Hu Weili - Taiji Zhang Sanfeng Movie Soundtrack

《 The deer and the cauldron 》 A bohemian in 《 Have fun making plays 》; Each capital is different , Each song reveals the Jianghu spirit .

The first 《 The deer and the cauldron 》, Hu Weili thought that he had gone to Beijing in the year of Kangxi , Beijing Opera elements are used , Traditional and playful .

This song invites “ Jianghu spirit ” Yellow of � Come and sing .

At that time, Hu Weili was Huang � Of “ competitors ” 了 , yellow � I was surprised to see Hu Weili : Ha ! I thought the new Hu Weili was a young boy , How could you write such a Beijing style song ?

Heroes cherish each other , They soon became good friends .

yellow �

In order to achieve better singing effect , yellow � I drank several cans of beer before singing this song .

Last time yellow � Do it , Still singing your own 《 The sea laughs 》.

Drunk yellow �, Wanton singing , Full of flavor .

This song has become a classic with the popularity of TV dramas .

Later, Luo Dayou and Du Qifeng, the Godfathers of Taiwan music, were loyal fans of Hu Weili .

I was able to write songs for Andy Lau , It's all because of the friendship with Du Qifeng .

Hu Weili really didn't let Du Qifeng down .

A song by Andy Lau has entered the ranks of the four heavenly kings .

When everyone thought he would turn into pop music , He let everyone down .

Hu Weili did not continue to cooperate with Andy Lau , And didn't maintain long-term cooperation with other singers .

He continued to devote himself to the soundtrack of film and television dramas .

No one else understands him , Now so famous , Why do you still have such a tired and unprofitable job as music for film and television dramas ?

But Hu Weili said : Do something, do not do something , I don't want to repeat , No intention of catering to .

This is the Jianghu integrity of martial arts people , Let many big directors come to cooperate with Hu Weili .

Director Tsui Hark once said , There is a yellow � The realm that can't be reached is called Hu Weili .

Tsui Hark and Hu Weili

Tsui Hark is also one of all the directors who work with Hu Weili , The one that won his heart most .

at that time , Tsui Hark is making a movie 《 invincible eastern 》.

When Tsui Hark found Hu Weili , Three days before the film is released .

Can call such an important job to Hu Weili and believe unconditionally , Hu Weili, a stranger to Tsui Hark, was deeply moved .

It's better than paying a lot for his work , It makes him feel respected and appreciated .

56 Year old Hu Weili , Three days and three nights without sleep , Finally finished the work with quality and quantity .

《 invincible eastern 》 On schedule .

Tsui Hark listened , Didn't say anything , Only gave Hu Weili a thumbs up .

《 Iron Monkey 》、《 The Lion King 》 etc. , Tsui Hark will one important film after another , Give it to Hu Weili to score .

This trust and pity between the two , Enough for Hu Weili to give up all his achievements and comfort to help Tsui Hark .

In order to score Tsui Hark's film wholeheartedly , He left the service 7 Year of TVB.

Leave TVB When he wrote his own soundtrack , With less than... A year 10 A $copyright fee , Symbolically bought for TVB.

That was the last big gift he gave to his old boss .

Tsui Hark was moved by Hu Weili's talent and character , Invite him to work together for another important work 《 huang feihong 》.

Two people should be more confidants .

Later , Only Tsui Hark can move Hu Weili .

1997 year , After ten years , Hu Weili suddenly “ retired ” 了 .

Maybe , He felt that everything had begun again, and he was most reluctant to repeat .

These ten years , Hu weiliwei 500 Soundtrack of many film and television works ,《 Tang Baihu points autumn fragrance 》《 Drunken boxing 》《 Taiji Zhang Sanfeng 》《 Smiling and proud in the Jianghu 》 wait , Classic works .

His works almost monopolized an era .

People who love the prosperous film and television drama era in Hong Kong , What cannot be ignored is Hu Weili's voice .

Ten years of Hong Kong dream , The name of a great master .

He didn't stay in that famous and advantageous circle , After all the experiences , He jumped out of the complicated repetition , Back to nature .

1997 year , After arranging the celebration of Hong Kong's return 《 Descendants of the dragon 》 after , Hu Weili seems to have retired after completing the most important thing in his life .

My confidant Tsui Hark once advised him : It's the best time to go with the wind and water , What's the rest !

Hu Weili said : I've been working so hard these years that I can't stand it , Also make room for future generations .

after , Then he left smartly .

Like a martial arts play , A master who has practiced peerless martial arts , After leaving the martial arts script , All over and back .

What remains is only what future generations continue to learn “ Sword score ” And a white figure .

2011 year , Tsui Hark shot 《 Longmen flying armor 》, But I worry about the soundtrack again .

At that time, Huang � Has passed away 7 year , There are very few composers in Hong Kong .

Under all kinds of helplessness , Tsui Hark called Hu Weili .

14 Years. ,75 Hu Weili returns to the Jianghu .

For physical reasons , Hu Weili's family strongly opposed , The daughter said : dad , You don't go to , That's not what you're going to do at your age .

My daughter knows , Once father agrees , It must be wholehearted , It's also common that you don't sleep for three days and three nights .

She couldn't bear to .

But Hu Weili agreed .

from 12 The moment I stood on the stage at the age of , It's doomed that Hu Weili can't leave music all his life .

Music is his Jianghu , He can't quit .

For thousands of years, a light in the dark room is on .

Music is his light , His music is also the bright future of Hong Kong's film and television industry .

His music is also the light of memory .

32 Lu Kaitong, who fell and committed suicide at the age of : You hurt the world , I can only age for you

From popular pursuit to imprisonment , The crime and punishment of a generation of jade women , So sad ?

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