Wang Sicong and Dou have to break up. Dou has to let her boyfriend make money to support her first, and then associate with the rich second generation Qin Fen

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wang sicong dou break up.

After Wang Sicong and doude'er broke up , Dou de'er first found an ordinary boyfriend , Let your boyfriend work hard to raise her , Then he made contact with Qin Fen, the second generation of the richest man in Shanghai . The rich second generation is indeed a circle .

Doude'er was originally named Li Hui �h, Born in 1995 year ,2016 year , Doude'er squeezed out Wang Sicong's predecessor Sydney , Officially up .

Regarding this , Sydney seems to have some resentment . Some netizens once compared Sydney with doude'er ,diss Sydney likes to bask in English, which is a sign of vanity , But doude'er is very real .

Sydney's domineering back :“ Are you poisonous ? I'm abroad, can I still find a Chinese bid ? I really took it , To say the least , I like to shoot Chinese objects, but I just think they look good , What does this have to do with vanity or not vanity ? Do I have to eat a spicy hot roadside stall to look real ?”

Sydney is poking in the dark diss Wang Sicong and Dou de'er went to a roadside stall together .

Eat spicy hot from a roadside stall , It's a little hobby of Wang Sicong , But he is very kind to every girlfriend .

During Wang Sicong's relationship with doude'er , Wang Sicong dotes on Dou de'er everyday , Buy buy buy .

But after Wang Sicong broke up with his second girlfriend Wang Ying , Just say you're an unmarried person . An unmarried man like him , It's impossible to be with only one girl forever .

What's more? , Douder's heterosexual relationship is so good , It may make Mr. Wang uncomfortable .

At doudel's graduation ceremony , She once rode on the neck of a male classmate .

Doude'er also participated in a meeting with dozens of boys , But she seems to be the only girl at the party ( Anyway, from the group photo , She is the only girl ).

Dou de'er and Wang Sicong have been dating for nearly a year , Just broke up .

After breaking up with Wang Sicong , Doude'er soon found a boyfriend , It's just the boyfriend's financial strength , It can't be compared with Wang Sicong .

Doude'er also quarreled with her boyfriend about who keeps whom .

Doudel complains about her boyfriend :“ You're hopeless , Why don't you talk about making money , I expect you to support me .”

My boyfriend said :“ I also want to make money , How can I have that ability ?”

Because her boyfriend's ability is limited , So doudel's quality of life , Also a big discount .

She started using affordable skin care products , Buy clothes from stalls .

Going out is no longer a luxury car pick-up , But squeeze into the subway like most people .

One is used to fine clothes and food , A comfortable woman raised by a man , It's hard to get used to this poor life .

2020 year , Some netizens revealed that , Dou de'er is with Qin Fen, the richest and second generation in Shanghai .

Doude'er and Qin Fen were photographed whispering in the nightclub , Close posture .

The rich second generation is a circle , Nothing strange .

But Wei Xue had already given birth to Qin Fen a son , Dou de'er wants to bind Qin Fen's long-term meal ticket , I'm afraid it's not easy .

In contrast, Wang Sicong's predecessor Sydney , After leaving Wang Sicong , Active Entrepreneurship , Now she is a brilliant female president .

Women have to rely on themselves , There will be a way out .

Speaking of this , I have to mention the positive textbook Jia Ling , Jia Ling's family environment is very poor , But she was self reliant , Now she is a first-line actress in internal entertainment + The highest box office female director .

During the Spring Festival , A work directed by Jia Ling 《 Hello , Li Huanying 》, Won the 54 Million at the box office , This film is dedicated by Jia Ling to her dead mother Li Huanying , It is also Jia Ling's struggle history , Full of positive energy .

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