Zhao Wenzhuo and Chen Xiaochun "cut through thorns and thorns"! Require human high-quality men? Li Yundi 12 character back connector

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zhao wenzhuo chen xiaochun cut

Number one movie theater understand miss (topcinema original , It is strictly prohibited to reprint )

Come out , For more than a year , Mango station finally officially announced the new variety show 《 My brother 》 News about coming online .

without doubt , This is a benchmark 《 My sister 》 The men's troupe variety created , After all “ Sister Lang ” After the launch of the first season , It has achieved the phenomenal effect of being followed by the whole people .

Can you copy a popular style of the same type and different genders , It has always been one of the hot topics on the Internet . Yes “ Sister Lang ” Such an ultra-high heat Pathfinder , The action of middle-aged male star chasing dreams has brought a new round of expectation and longing to the whole network .

Look at what's finally arranged 《 My brother 》 list , I have to sigh , It's worthy of mango table , One shot is Wang fried the lineup :33 Brother , Each is a representative figure in his own field , It can be said that the mango stand has gathered quite amazing Fairy lineup .

The biggest surprise , Maybe everyone has different standards , But the rare thing to see , It is certain that it will focus on four aspects .1、 Kung Fu superstar's debut variety show . According to the list exposed on the Internet last year , Looking forward to Qin Hao 、 Pan Yueming's two acting male gods did not appear , But Zhang Jin and Zhao Wenzhuo showed up , This shock is enough to make people applaud . Look at Zhang Jin first ,2014 Years with 《 Grand master 》 After winning the best supporting actor award , His name is no longer just Cai Shaofen's husband .

Just as Cai Shaofen wrote an open letter to the media when they got married , Zhang Jin is a perfect man with both literature and martial arts . 9 Practicing martial arts at the age of ,11 I entered Sichuan Youth wushu team at the age of ,21 Get the country at the age of “ Wu Ying level ” The title of an athlete , Even won the gold medal in the National Games …… A flowing resume , It has achieved Zhang Jin's reliable image in the circle now .

Although this is not the first time Zhang Jin recorded a variety show , But judging from the performance of previous programs , This is an absolutely interesting brother .

I have been in business for many years , He keeps a perfect figure with self-discipline and preciseness , Play a game with your wife on the show , A few dexterous moves look like they're making a movie. It's no exaggeration at all .

Maybe he can play too well , Few people pay attention to the literary side of Zhang Jin …… The so-called public expects the handsome but not oily charm of middle-aged male gods , Zhang Jin may be 33 There is absolutely no wrong type of brother .

However , Compared with Zhao Wenzhuo , The appearance of all-round Zhang Jin is nothing new .

Zhao Wenzhuo, once favored by Tsui Hark as Jet Li's only successor , It's hard to imagine , He will choose this kind of singing and dancing variety .

19 He was elected to the country at the age of “ Wu Ying level ” The title of an athlete …… After Zhao Wenzhuo became an actor , It is generally acknowledged that the temperament in the circle is good 、 High martial arts skills , For a time, he also became the imperial hero of Tsui Hark films .

Probably 2012 In cooperation with yen 《 Special identity 》 There was a quarrel , Zhao Wenzhuo's momentum began to decline slowly . Right or wrong , There has been no final conclusion on this matter .

however , Zhang Guorong once commented on , Zhao Wenzhuo is too honest , Not suitable for entertainment . It can be seen that Zhao Wenzhuo, who failed to catch fire , Most of them are also trapped in character , A man loyal to chivalry .

I believe there are still many people who never forget Zhao Wenzhuo's real kung fu , It's rare to see him go out of the Jianghu again , I still hope the program can give this introverted actor a chance .

2、80+90 The idol symbol in the heart of a generation If Zhang Jin 、 Zhao Wenzhuo's appearance means a little directional circle powder , Chen Xiaochun , Xie Tianhua and Lin Xiaofeng appeared at the same time , It will certainly cause a generation of people to scream .

Chen Xiaochun, you can't be more familiar with ,《 Where's dad going? 》《 The wife's romantic trip 》 It has added a lot of heat to his development in the Mainland . Before he became famous, he was born in a singing and dancing group , Acting became popular , I have also sung so many popular bitter love songs , Survive the highly competitive Hong Kong entertainment industry …… No one would be surprised that he came to be a brother to form a men's group .

There are even rumors that , In the preparatory stage of the investment promotion meeting in the early stage of mango station program , His wife Ying caier reported her name to Chen Xiaochun , It can be called the seed player expected by all .

Unexpectedly, Chen Xiaochun also brought his two good brothers , Also starred in 《 Young and dangerous 》 Xie Tianhua and Lin Xiaofeng of the series , This is purely a long live series . Hong Kong opera fans are no stranger to Xie Tianhua ,《 Young and dangerous 》 After that, there are many works that he can take out , especially 《 Police snipe 》 in “Laughing Brother ” In the corner of , It is regarded as a classic image that is difficult to surpass .

Besides acting , In fact, Xie Tianhua is also an all-round artist who has been underestimated for a long time . He started his career in TVB Start as a dancer , For Zhang Guorong 、 Jacky Cheung 、 Ye Qianwen and other stars have danced in concert . It took years to get the chance , And Chen Xiaochun 、 Zhu Yongtang forms a combination of wind and fire , The momentum is second only to the grasshopper group at that time .

Look at 54 Xie Tianhua's promotional photos for the program had to be taken , The reason why Hong Kong artists look old , It has something to do with the ups and downs they experienced in the entertainment industry .

Because it's a rare opportunity , They are always at their best waiting . Can survive in such an era of stars , This is the hardest standard to measure Xie Tianhua's own strength .

And Lin Xiaofeng , Most people think he is a little green leaf in the Hong Kong drama circle who can only run dragon sets and play soy sauce , In fact, this brother is a senior famous mouth , Walk between TV and radio as a host . Can be a stable host in Hong Kong , You can't carry it without two real brushes . Because Hong Kong viewers have the right to write to TV or radio to complain about their dissatisfied programs , Once the plot is serious , Then face a ban .

Lin Xiaofeng, who is rarely active in mainland entertainment circles , Even if the aura is not as good as other brothers, they can always find their best position .

Predictably, , When Chen Xiaochun , When Xie Tianhua and Lin Xiaofeng stood on the stage , Many people will have a burst of blood in their hearts in an instant , It's exciting just to think about it .

3、 classical PK Rock rap , pianist “ Descend to the world ” At first, I saw the official announcement list , Maybe many people can't believe that pianist Li Yundi is among them . His appearance , This is the first question after the official announcement of the program . The pianist went to the men's troupe , How do you think these are two things that should not have an intersection .

A hot comment with the highest praise ,“ Can't this program invite some human high-quality men ?” result , It attracted Li Yundi himself 12 A word back : I'm not even a human high-quality man ?

To make fun is to make fun of , Don't forget 《 My brother 》 Also prepared for more than a year , In order to meet the second wave of traffic climax .

Of course “ Sister Lang ” Our success is full of various reference frameworks , But that doesn't mean 《 Brothers who cut through thorns and thorns 》 It must be copied completely , According to the fields represented by your brothers , The show may also overturn the talent show singing and dancing routine , So as to launch a new competition system .

from “ Sister Lang ” The second season can see , Also play dance and vocal Two mechanisms , In fact, the audience is a little tired . Arrange Li Yundi to the variety show “ Descend to the world ”, Also let BEYOND Band Huang Guanzhong , The Panther band Zhang Qi , Ouyang Jing, a great rapper , Circumference GAI They have the effect of comparison in an instant .

Who dares to say that the integration between different fields , It won't be another novelty of the program ?

Whether it's a star who became active decades ago , It is also an idol slowly becoming popular in recent years , Can put these different times , Artists of different styles gather in one program ,《 My brother 》 More than half of it has been successful .

Can middle-aged male stars completely get rid of greasy , According to the voice of netizens, a male star “ Internal volume ” The storm is hard to say , But with this courage to start again , You can look forward to it .

33 A gathering of middle-aged male stars , No, let's see what is “ Human high-quality men ” Do you ?

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