Kuo Tai Gigi Lai took her daughter to make complaints about cakes. The huge diamond ring on your hand is super eye-catching

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kuo tai gigi lai took

8 month 8 Japan , Kuota Lizi posted a group of photos of herself learning to make cakes with her daughter on the social platform , The good state of mother and daughter is also praiseworthy .

It can be seen from the video that Lizzie is wearing a plaid shirt , Follow the teacher's steps attentively under the teacher's guidance , The girls also study very seriously , The protective measures of the daughters are in place , Maybe I don't want to expose my face , They all wear white masks and are coded , The eldest daughter is about to surpass her mother .

Li Zi this year 49 year , But she's still in good shape 、 Girlish , Standing with your daughters is like a sister flower , There is no trace of years on my body , The huge diamond ring on her hand is very eye-catching , It can be seen that Lizzie's life is very happy .

Lizzie took the children to make cakes at home , The panorama also accidentally exposed the background of the mansion , The decoration of the kitchen is very luxurious , We have everything we need , The interior space is also large , Can catch up with ordinary people, the size of a living room .

Many netizens left a message after seeing Lizzy's video of making cakes :“ The filter is too thick , You don't need this , Sister Zi looks most beautiful with confidence , A little fine grain will only make you more real and perfect , beauty , But it's too fake ”.

Other netizens commented that “ Quality French life , The goddess is so beautiful , The cake is so delicious ”.

Lizi and rich husband Ma Yanqiang are stronger than 2003 The love affair was exposed in ,2009 In, I entered the palace of marriage , Her husband is a businessman , Rarely appear on public platforms , The relationship between the husband and wife has always been very loving .

Liz has often exposed her daily life on social platforms recently , Enjoy the moment , A few days ago, I also took photos of myself enjoying flowers , People are more delicate than flowers .

In the future, I also wish Lizi to continue to maintain a good state , The family continues to be happy .

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