Don't even bother to pretend? Read the manuscript directly? Can the script be called a reality show if it's so obvious? It's embarrassing

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don bother pretend read manuscript

There are more and more reality shows now , And various forms emerge one after another .

So why do viewers like reality TV ? It's simple , Because of one “ really ” word .

If one day you learn that a reality show has a script , Naturally, it would be very disgusting .

This time, the reality show has been broadcast for five seasons , You are very familiar with 《 The wife's romantic trip 》.

In the fifth season, because the head was replaced by Xie Na and Liu Tao , So once make complaints about the audience. .

Make complaints about various kinds of tucking sound. , Zhang Han and Wu Xuanyi were invited to this variety show , With the joint efforts of the three , The whole season's program is also quite satisfactory .

Now there's another episode of this program coming to an end , however , The program team still doesn't stop doing things .

It can even be said that without Liu Tao, these two programs still adhere to the old rule of asking questions as long as they eat .

In the latest program , During the meal, Zhang Han suddenly cue To a game .

In fact, this is not something unexpected , After all, I do things every time I eat .

When Zhang Han introduced the game, it was really full of effects .

He said that this link is likely to lead to some contradictions between the four groups of couples , And it also leads to “ Gold mediator ” Liu tao .

I believe many viewers are still very interested when they hear Zhang Han's introduction , After all, only by doing things can we have melons to eat .

This link is very simple , It's to let the wives make complaints about their husbands , Tell me about their shortcomings , I hope they can correct it in the future .

however , The wives are very clever , It also leaves enough face for husbands , I make complaints about the lens. , In fact, it's all about love .

If you close your eyes and listen to your wives “ Make complaints ”, Then this link is quite successful .

however , If you open your eyes, you will find , It turns out that all this is just a script prepared in advance .

I'm too lazy to pretend ? Read the manuscript directly ? The script is so obvious that it can be called a reality show ? It's embarrassing .

Zhang Xinyue was the first to play , When she walked to the stage, I believe many viewers were confused , Why bring a cell phone ?

Read the whole paragraph of Zhang Xinyue “ Make complaints ” not have understood until then , It turns out that she has been reading from her mobile phone .

When Qin Hailu played , I also went up with my cell phone openly .

Wang Xinjun make complaints about Tucao and his little books. , The program group directly “ Pull out my memo ” The subtitles were on the public screen .

Are you really pretending or not ? Didn't the program team stand up and admit that there was a script ?

Let's not talk about what this link does .

about 《 The wife's romantic trip 》 For this reality show , Chat questions should have been random .

let me put it another way , If the guests have prepared the answers to these questions in advance , What's the point of this link ?

Why is reality TV good ? Isn't it because nature is real ?

Why do many viewers feel that Liu Tao is not as good as Xie Na after watching Liu Tao as head of the team this season ?

The main reason is not Liu Tao cue Is the process a little stiff ?

The audience's favorite state of watching this program is that everyone sits together and chatters about home affairs .

For example, when Shana was the head of the team, she would have a task every time she went to dinner , But when she goes through these processes, she makes the audience see it naturally .

After watching the whole wife group read the manuscript on their mobile phones , I really doubt it , How credible are the words that the guests reveal their true feelings in the program ?

“ The wife's romantic trip ” The orientation of this variety show is the reality show of husband and wife healing observation , The audience of this kind of program is relatively more female .

therefore , For empathy , In order to win the tears of the female audience , The program group inevitably designs some sensational links .

Sensationalism works , But it's not easy to stir up good feelings .

I believe many viewers have such doubts when watching the reality show , That is, I think these stars are so talented .

You can even say it out of mouth , Very poetic and picturesque , Admiration can be said to arise spontaneously .

however , After reading this part of this issue , All questions seem to have answers .

The questions to be raised by the program team shall be notified to you in advance , Give everyone enough time to prepare , Who won't say it on stage ?

In this program , When Zhang Han cue Before this link , All the couples are eating , During this period, Wu Xuanyi also went through the process and asked some questions .

In the process , You can say that you have no time to write on your mobile phone .

in other words , There are only two possibilities for this manuscript .

The first one is , The program team told you the problem the day before , So the wives had already edited it on their mobile phones the night before .

This situation is relatively good , Because at best, it's just that this program has a script , What I fear most is the second case .

The second kind , When Zhang Han cue When it comes to this process , The program group sent copies to their wives' mobile phones .

This is the most embarrassing situation , Because this is not a simple script , But pure fraud to deceive the feelings of the audience .

Either way , Anyway, it's really inappropriate for such reading behavior to appear openly in reality TV programs .

Reality shows have scripts , Normally, this is an old question , It can even be said that it has become a well-known thing .

Now some people say that which reality show has no script , The audience basically won't believe it .

however , Even if the script becomes the default existence of reality TV , At least the guests should install it when recording ?

For example, in this link , What every wife said on the stage is not so gorgeous , They are just very simple and simple words .

And again , Every wife doesn't say much , Can't you really remember such a little thing ? Do you still need to read the manuscript ?

The audience doesn't need much , Just want to see something real , Even if I doubt it's a script , As long as the guests install it .

Make complaints about various kinds of tucking sound. , The fifth season is finally coming to an end .

however , I didn't expect such a big problem at the end , It's really embarrassing .

In this case , Whether the program team is not thoughtful enough or the wives are not fully prepared , In fact, deep research has no meaning .

I just hope future programs can draw lessons from it ! The script is so obvious , It's really a play to be seen , What do you think ?

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