It's not necessary to apologize for being nine years late, the eternal God of Asian flying man!

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necessary apologize years late eternal

This summer is finally coming to an end , There is joy , It's a heartfelt excitement for Chinese athletes to win a record , There are also regrets , It's a pity for the unsatisfactory outcome of the back water battle .

Some time ago, everyone was very handsome by Su Bingtian, who broke the Asian record , We are all looking forward to Su Shen's pursuit of victory and create brilliance in the final . The story is not always what people want , Su Bingtian finally won the sixth place in the finals .

But Su Bingtian is already the light of Asia , The uncrowned king , The comment area is also covered with encouragement and support . Although we want him to win cards more greedily , But today's achievements are enough for everyone to blow for ten years , Su Bingtian yyds!

At the same time, another name has been mentioned frequently . He was also the light of Asia , Let the five-star red flag fly in the black monopolized track , It kindles hope for countless athletes including Su Bingtian .

But in the second half of his career , Abuse and ridicule have become the main melody . Asia's first Olympic track and Field Champion 、 Career mania 60 A gold medal 、 So far, the Olympic Games 110 Meter hurdle record , All these honors seem to be no match for the injury withdrawal of the two Olympic Games .

Overnight, from the proud son of heaven to a street mouse , How beautiful it used to be, how down-to-earth it has been , To this day, some people still talk about him . But after years of cyber violence , He is still calm , In the old interview recently found out, he still said “ There's no need to apologize ”.

His name is Liu Xiang .

―― I am the dividing line of Chinese flying man ――

Asians in the Olympic Games 110 Win the rice hurdles , Put it in 04 Years ago , The most blind and arrogant audience will think it's nonsense . This has always been a black paradise , Their physical advantage is destined to be the king of the track and field , Our country's best result is only the eighth in the finals .

But in 04 Years later , The most cautious audience dare say , The Chinese can definitely win the gold medal , Because we have Liu Xiang .

I still remember the Athens Olympic Games 110 The shock of the meter hurdles final , Friends who haven't seen it speed up to make up , Liu Xiang swished in front like a leopard , That sense of power and speed make watching a kind of enjoyment .

In fact, Liu Xiang also encountered his opponent's strategic rush in the final , The intention of mental attack creates great pressure . This did not make Liu Xiang nervous , It angered him , Vow to break the boat .

Before the game, it is inspirational to enter the top eight , But in the end, Liu Xiang 12.91 Our results broke the Olympic record , Tied the world record , Rewriting China, Asia and the world 110 The history of meter hurdles , Become the first flying man in the world with black hair and yellow skin .

Liu Xiang's jump on the podium , It is the best interpretation of the four words of high spirited .

Many people like to call it ZIWEIXING coming to earth , Liu Xiang is really rare in a hundred years , But we can't forget the efforts made by Liu Xiang and his coach Sun Haiping behind the gold medal .

In earlier years, Liu Xiang encountered campus violence and once wanted to give up sports , It was Sun Haiping who knew Zhu and was brought back by Bole . And Liu Xiang also ran all the way from childhood .99 Joined the national team in , There are senior brothers in the peak period ahead ,01 International competition in , Is a mountain higher than a mountain . But Liu Xiang said the problem is not big .

After Liu Xiang became famous in the first World War of the Olympic Games , The eyes of the whole country are focused on the young man , Advertising endorsements poured in, overwhelmed , The top stream was a real cow . Liu Xiang was also selected as the “ Moved the top ten Chinese people ”, And become 05 The only person of the year in the sports world .

Flowers and applause did not make Liu Xiang float to the clouds , Instead, they are more down-to-earth and train hard , His peak is not a flash in the pan , But with the ardent expectation of the Chinese people , Opened the reign 110 Liu Xiang's era of rice hurdles .

Because too many champions , I won't say it , Here are some major events to talk about .

06 Liu Xiang was the man at the Lausanne station of the IAAF super grand prix 110 In the final of the meter hurdles , With 12 second 88 My grades broke the hold 13 It's a world record for years . The original record is also Liu Xiang and British famous general Colin ・ Jackson kept it together 12 second 91.

07 Liu Xiang was in the 11 The men's world track and Field Championships 110 Won the rice hurdles final , Created “ The ninth miracle ”, Completed the Olympic champion 、 The man who won the world championship and held the world record 110 Meter hurdles Grand Slam .

This year he just 24 year .

Liu Xiang, who created one myth after another , Inevitably high hopes are placed , Everyone is waiting for him to sing and win 08 The gold medal of the Beijing Olympic Games .

But heroes have an iron will , But you can't have an iron body . Liu Xiang is in high-intensity training day after day , The Achilles tendon is already scarred . He tried his best to hold on , massagist “ Stop the pain with pain ”, He kicked the wall before he came on , Can't stop the outbreak of Achilles tendon pain .

Beijing Olympic Games , Liu Xiang left with regret .

For a time, the accusations of the actor, the film king and the coward were overwhelming , All kinds of mischief are ugly .

But Liu Xiang doesn't want to see this as the end of his race , He also wants to keep running on the track . Repeated injuries 、 Painful rehabilitation 、 A decline in physical condition , In fact, all reasonable reasons for retirement have been provided , It's just that Liu Xiang won't give up .

And he did miracles again , The National Games have been realized one after another 、 Asian Championship 、 East Asian Games 、 Asian Games men 110 Three consecutive titles in meter hurdles , And at the IAAF Diamond League Eugene station 110 Win the rice hurdles .12 year , Liu Xiang is a man in the world after five years 110 Re ranked first in the meter hurdles .

Liu Xiang is back , The flying man of the world is back ! The audience once again eagerly expected Liu Xiang to win the championship in one fell swoop at the upcoming London Olympic Games , A snow before the Beijing Olympic Games .

But God seems to have made a big joke . Liu Xiang wants to bite his teeth and carry it , But refused to give him a chance . His Achilles tendon is like a tight string , When crossing the first column, it suddenly broke , Liu Xiang fell heavily to the ground , His Olympic trip came to a hasty end .

He jumped on one leg and kissed the railing , Make a final helpless farewell to the field you love .

But it's louder and more skeptical than it was four years ago , The term "show shame" was put on Liu Xiang , He's a street mouse again .

Liu Xiang has made too many unknown efforts to return to the field , But many people touch their upper and lower lips , He becomes ulterior motives and detestable . The former honor and sweat were wiped out , He broke his Achilles tendon for the game , But being called a national sinner .

If there is only one person left in the world, I hope Liu Xiang can finish the game well , That must be himself . But the flying man of the world has not retired yet , It has been discarded as garbage by many people .

Liu Xiang didn't return to the game ,15 He announced his retirement in .

―― I am a gentle dividing line ――

The grievances Liu Xiang suffered in his sports career , Probably the same as his grades top level .

The painful experience of being bullied in Sports School , It has caused a great psychological shadow to teenagers ; High spirited for international events , But have to face many people's discrimination against the yellow race who can't track and field ; The inevitable pain of athletes , Let him hurt again and again .

In fact, he survived all this . Bully transferred to school and met a group of warm new friends ; If you are discriminated against in the competition, speak with your grades , I don't think the Chinese can see who is the champion ; When he was injured, he bit his teeth and experienced hell rehabilitation again and again .

But some he really doesn't understand . After leaving the game because of injury , Liu Xiang tasted the warmth and coldness of human feelings 、 Things are hot and cold . He didn't escape other people's voices , I just don't understand why it suddenly became like this ?

In interviews many years later , He smiled and looked back on the dark years , There was a choking in his voice , Let people break the defense instantly . Liu Xiang forced himself to accept all bad voices , I still think there's something wrong with myself , I even hope someone will beat himself up and wake him up .

But what's wrong with him ? Although I had a hunch that the Achilles tendon would break before playing, it should also be broken on the field , Although I was afraid of the criticism of the audience, I still faced it bravely , But the battle of backwater at the cost of health will not end , Irresistible injuries forced him to say goodbye in the most tragic way .

Young man's stories are always too fairy tales , The protagonist is invincible , With perseverance and determination, we can overcome all difficulties , Become a hero in the ending . But in reality , Even genius has a lot of helplessness .

“ Although I run fast , But what's the use ?”“ Everyone wants to say something for me , But then no one wants to say something for me ”. Hear too much gossip , Liu Xiang is numb . He thought bitterly and happily , Maybe it's because he's still valuable .

Now everyone likes to say that people who are hacked by the whole network , Compared with Liu Xiang's years, it's probably a small one . But he never complained about anything , He forgives all incomprehension and curse , All the stigma and slander .

I have never given up hurdles because of these depression . After the rupture of the Achilles tendon, Liu Xiang still insisted on Rehabilitation , Until hope breaks down , He confessed that he was old and decided to retire .

It was a grand farewell ceremony he didn't really need , According to Liu Xiang's meaning, simply send a microblog and make a phone call with family and friends , But he still stood on the field and witnessed this moment with 80000 people . Liu Xiang choked several times ,“ Can blow a gust of wind in an era ” Already satisfied .

I owe Liu Xiang an apology , But Liu Xiang said there was no need , He can understand what he said when he was young . He was able to face , More than ten years later, it has become a thing of the past .

But the injury caused in those years will not seem to have nothing happened because of an apology afterwards , That sorry is late after all . Can start again in abuse , Is Liu Xiang's absolutely powerful heart , To keep him from falling .

The only thing you can do is not to repeat it . It is difficult to create God , It's easy to destroy god . A purple micro star in the sports world is a masterpiece of the harmony of time, place and people , Don't let unnecessary things hurt heroes .

Liu Xiang, who left the track, has been hotly discussed over the years because of gossip , He surprised us with his occasional show , For example, the super large beautiful girl warrior . But more often it's calm , Enjoy a leisurely retirement , Idle away in seeking pleasure , Happy trip .

Like our ordinary audience , Stay in front of the screen and cheer for the new Olympic athletes . Such as 04 On the eve of the 2008 finals , Pray for good luck . It's just not for himself this time , But from generation to generation .

Liu Xiang was asked his age when he participated in a program , He said he wanted to stop at 21 year . That year, Liu Xiang was radiant and high spirited , Just jumped on the Olympic podium and watched the national flag rise .

No one can stop at 21 year , But we will not easily forget ,21 A gust of wind once blew in Liu Xiang , Will always remain in the hearts of all Chinese people .

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