I can do it, and you can't?

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I looked at the draft of Japanese and Korean players in South Korea ,

Found a controversial point .

Many netizens are scolding a Chinese player ,

To expel her nationality ?


Let's see what's going on .

Early stage ,

This group said they would take the cool sister route before playing ,

The expression is very cold ,

Completely different from the previous players .

Then captain Fu Yaning was asked what song to perform ,

Her answer aroused a cry of surprise .

Because one of the original singers of this song also came to the draft .

This scene ?

Like the spirit of watching the excitement .

Want to create the happiness of the topic .

Ask again and again

When she shows confidence , Even beyond the original singing time ,

The field is hotter .

The person in charge of the arch fire also lit the fuse of the cruel words .

It's here , Fu Yaning said something that shocked the whole audience .

To sum up , It's like this ―― Let's go , We can , And you can't .

The others were stunned ……

In a trance, Huang Meiying thought she was recording a hip-hop program

But in fact , Sing other people's songs and step on others face to face ,

This level of provocation ,rapper It's rare in ?

As a bystander ,

It's really embarrassing and exciting here .

When it's the original singer's turn to be cue Respond ,

The atmosphere soared to the top .

We are waiting to see if this group can really take pictures of our predecessors on the beach .

No kidding ,

If they don't behave , I'm afraid public opinion is one-sided ridicule .

If you are arrogant and arrogant , No one can accept .

but , The problem is , They are not blind and confident .

After the performance ,

The response was very good .

It's over ,

It's not just the Chinese players who cheer ,

There are also many positive voices from Japan and South Korea .

Fu Yaning is handsome ,

I think she has Top1 Imposing ,

all Of .

The original singer also felt more pressure .

The pilot's side , Also quite recognized .

One thought Fu Yaning was too prominent , It affects the group balance

Also refuted by xuanmei .

Xuanmei thinks it is her strength that fills the atmosphere of the song , It also drives others .

Really ,

The stage doesn't look like her and her little friends ,

The others also have a luminous space .

Like Cai Bing , It also exudes charm .

Finally, three of the five of them became the top nine candidates ,

Good grades .

I compared the silencing version of their stage and the original singing stage ,

I have to say ,

They didn't lose ,

Not in the face ,

On the premise of strength , Made a cruel remark .

Fu Yaning seems to want to be domineering ,

The program team is also amplifying this .

At the beginning , She said she didn't think the next player was on the same level as her

Pilot comments , The show cut her eyebrow raising expression

When the original singing sister was asked about her feelings on the stage , Praised their performance , Hit back and say ,“ Sure enough, it's still because of the song ”,

The camera cut Fu Yaning's arrogant reaction

Beicaili , She also said , No feeling

Just take these , It may feel a little arrogant 、 Vigorous .

But in fact, she didn't always break her face ,

When Xuan Mei and Huang Meiying came out , She cried excitedly

See the pilot afraid of himself , She smiled

Before getting off the stage , Also lively than a heart

Considering the language barrier , Think about the scripts and editing of such programs , Some expression details can't be stamped, which is the embodiment of her arrogance .

Yes, of course , Anyway , That cruel remark was really made by her .

Sang the last song before the dissolution of the group ,

Let a man go public and not be popular for seven years 、 The seniors who had to come back to the draft were embarrassed ……

Stand in the position of predecessors , It's a little uncomfortable .

Even if not in South Korea, which pays special attention to the relationship between front and rear generations , This matter will also be controversial .

Disrespect for human behavior ,

It's normal that some people don't like it .

But at the same time , The draft competition is relatively large , Such programs are not as popular as before ,

The program group , Interns, too , It's also inevitable to have the heart to engage in a topic .

So here's the problem ――

Some people say that our contestants should do as the Romans do and follow other people's etiquette ……

Some people say rudeness is better than boredom ……

What does everyone think ?

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