The film "you of the youth": it won more than 1.5 billion box office. Chongqing officials made a map for it alone

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film youth won billion box

《 Young you 》, A film made in Chongqing , With love 、 campus 、 Crime and other elements , stay 2019 After it was released in , It has quickly become a social hot spot , Cause wide discussion , The ultimate prize 15.58 Billion yuan box office , In Douban also obtained 8.2 The high score .

And such a film , The impact on Chongqing is undoubtedly huge . The film fully shows the style of the mountain city , Present a number of minority scenic spots in front of the public , Let them become the new network red punch points .

The geographical map of Chongqing was even launched after the film was released “ Young you ” Map , A detailed list of the locations that have appeared in the film , While promoting the film , It also promoted Chongqing's tourism .

thus it can be seen , The film is very successful , Not only have good box office results , Also has a high score , It has even led to the development of tourism in Chongqing . And can achieve such results , It is also the result of the joint efforts of many parties .

The movie is 2019 year 10 month 25 1 , It's not a hot schedule in the traditional sense , But it also means that there will be no particularly strong competitors .

The film is in the plot 、 Actors perform 、 Director and other aspects have a high degree of completion , Plus the particularity of the subject matter , Naturally, it gives birth to a satisfactory result .

Although it is based on campus life , however 《 Young you 》 Away from the traditional theme of youth campus , The sword moves sideways , The focus is on the topic of campus bullying , Sensitive and noteworthy . Because of this choice , Let the film stand out .

Shooting in Chongqing , It forms a natural binding with the mountain city, a network red city , Also let the film have more topic discussion .

however , Although the actual achievements of the film are very good , But still can't hide the voice of doubt . among , The biggest question is the plagiarism of the original film novel , Or melting stem .

Although the movie script has undergone a lot of modification and remodeling , But you can still see the shadow of many other works . Especially for those who are familiar with tokano's works , The film seems to be a “ Quickspot ” The game of

In the eyes of some people ,《 Young you 》 It's actually plagiarism , No matter how it behaves , Can't offset the fact of plagiarism . And for more ordinary viewers , They don't know about plagiarism , I just think the quality of the film is good , It's worth seeing .

And how to define plagiarism , It should be judged by professionals , We can't get the result by fighting a water war , It's not going to expand here .

Besides , Because the film focuses on campus bullying , And it has aroused widespread discussion in the society , Even contributed to the formation of many laws and regulations on campus bullying , The social significance of the film is further highlighted , Therefore, it is supported by a wider group .

This is a film beyond artistic achievement , The positive impact on society , Nature cannot ignore . And film in the process of artistic creation , Whether there is plagiarism , Nor should it be ignored .

《 Young you 》 It does have a great impact , Including the exploration of campus themes , For the promotion of Chongqing Tourism , Attention to campus bullying and so on . therefore , People who have seen movies also have their own different views .

If you have something to say , Feel free to leave a comment ! Next issue , Let's talk about movies 《 Loss of isolation 》.

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