In order to save her terminally ill father, Zhang Huimei, 49, said: I have never lived up to my talent

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order terminally ill father zhang

2005 year 3 month , After four months of study , Zhang Huimei is about to graduate from Boston University Language School .

By convention , Each student must find his or her own teacher for one-on-one final exam before graduation , Some students ask the teacher to score by chatting in oral English , Some students write a report or survey and hand it in .

But Zhang Huimei had a whim , Decided to take their final exam in an unprecedented form : Hold a small concert for 50 people .

After the news got out , Zhang Huimei was invited to the office by the headmaster .

The headmaster said :“ I just want to know , Who are you ? Since the news that you're going to have a concert came out , The phone in the school office keeps running every day , E-mail boxes are also full . Everyone is asking where to buy tickets for Zhang Huimei's concert .”

Zhang Huimei smiled awkwardly , Tell the headmaster that she is actually a singer .

When I was a child , Zhang Huimei will force the children to listen to her singing under the stage .

She forced people to go home and get a flashlight , Then sit under the stage in rows .

When she came on stage , The audience should turn on the flashlight , Create the effect of stage lighting .

When she sings , Several flashlights must shine on her face , The others have to turn against the ceiling .

Young age , She planned a concert for herself .

In high school , Zhang Huimei spent two months , teach 100 Two peers sing 、 dance , Then he took them to Taitung City to attend the harvest festival , The performance surprised everyone on the scene .

But little Zhang Huimei has never had a star dream , She only thinks that singing and dancing is something in the life of an aborigine .

1992 year , Zhang Huimei 20 year , This is a turning point in her life .

At that time, Zhang Huimei's father was hospitalized , In the hospital, father Zhang likes watching TV best “ Five lamp Award ” Singing competition .“ Five lamp Award ” Singing competition and later Mainland “ Super girl ” The form of competition is similar , After countless elimination, the winner is left .

Because dad said “ I think you're better than any of the contestants , I hope you can attend .”

Zhang Huimei went , She thought it would be just a few times to make her father happy , Who knows how to pass all the way .

Every time I play in the North , Zhang Huimei has to take an eight hour train , Every pass , There are many people setting off firecrackers outside their house , Celebrate her honor for the tribe .

Plus my sister has to learn three to six songs a week to deal with the game , She feels more and more stressed , The first time I felt so painful singing .

When the game reaches the fifth level of the fourth round , Under the double attack of cold and psychological pressure, Zhang Huimei forgot her words , Failed to continue to successfully defend the title .

She squatted there and cried :“ How can I face my fellow villagers when I go back !” After this , Zhang Huimei doesn't even want to sing .

After half a year , Dad encouraged her to challenge again , She looked at her father who was getting worse and worse , Once again participated in “ Five lamp Award ”.

after 6 Last month's game , Zhang Huimei finally won the victory , Become the challenge arena leader of five degrees and five levels .

Unfortunately, when I came back with the trophy , Dad is dead .

Sad Zhang Huimei once didn't want to sing , Mom told her , Dad's gone , But he's still looking at you .

Against the challenge master's aura , Zhang Huimei's star path has not been smooth , The first record failed , She went back to her ordinary life , I went to work in my sister's hotel in Taipei .

Soon the female lead singer of the cousin band suddenly left , So my cousin thought of Zhang Huimei .

Taiwanese bars in the 1990s , Most of them sing English songs , This is a big problem for Zhang Huimei who knows nothing about English , In order to seize the opportunity , Zhang Huimei learned ten English songs in a week .

On the day of the show , Zhang Huimei stood on the stage and looked at the guests below , What the guests eat , Drink, drink , The stroke of the stroke , No one in the stands .

She was very nervous , What if no one sees her singing ? She wanted to :“ Be sure to let everyone notice me in the first sentence .”

After calming down , She began to sing 《I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU》, Sing to the second sentence , The scene is quiet , Some guests began to look back at her .

A week , Zhang Huimei's band became very famous , Which bar does their band go to , Which bar will have a particularly good business .

Zhang Yusheng, a famous musician, came to hear the sound , Moved by the loud and clear female voice , Brought Zhang Huimei into the singing world .

1996 year 3 month , After singing in the bar for seven months, Zhang Huimei signed Fenghua records .

When signing the contract , Those senior musicians asked Zhang Huimei why she wanted to be a singer , Zhang Huimei said :“ I'm having a concert , A big concert .” They all think this girl has a big voice .

Unexpected , As soon as this big girl entered the singing world, her career started to hang up .

Same year 12 month , Zhang Yusheng's first solo album tailored for Zhang Huimei 《 sister 》 Be born .

The new album sold 300000 copies in the first week of release , Set a new record in Taiwan IFPI The first place in sales for nine consecutive weeks since the opening of the list , The sales volume in Taiwan has exceeded one million , break 1996 Sales record of local singers in Taiwan in .

Zhang Huimei, who became popular overnight, was interviewed for the first time , Looking at the camera facing away , A row of microphones in front of me , A room full of reporters , Frighten “ wow ” I cried at once .

Company director Zhang Xiaoyan told her , You have to learn other people's ten-year efforts in two years .

Driven by the big wave of career, Zhang Huimei , That is, passive and active, quickly adapt to the great changes and expectations in life .

1997 year , Zhang Huimei released her second album 《BAD BOY》, Once again IFPI The sales champion is as long as 9 Zhou , Accumulative total sales 135 ten thousand , break 1997 Sales record of female singers in Taiwan .

1998 year ,26 Zhang Huimei's dream has come true , Held his first concert in Taipei ――“ The younger sister is full of energy ” Personal concerts . This concert set the fastest ticket selling speed in Taiwan in recent ten years , The degree of fullness is the most amazing , The most crazy record of the audience .

The stadium originally expected to accommodate 20000 people , More than 30000 people poured in that night .

Taiwan media said the concert was in addition to “ Michael Jackson ” Besides the concert, the concert with the largest population density in Taiwan .

Zhang Huimei's unruly stage charm , Shocked the traditional concept .

Before her , Taiwanese pop music is dominated by soft Lyric Songs .

Suri appeared in the 1980s , Suri's voice represents a female emotion that doesn't suppress herself , But when Zhang Huimei arrived , She even released her limbs . A dancer entering a period of career burnout , Under the influence of Zhang Huimei, she regained her enthusiasm for the stage .

Later, she became Zhang Huimei's long-term partner .

1999 year 6 month , Release your fifth album 《 Can I hug you? ? Lover 》, The album is in Taiwan IFPI Won the first place in the sales list 11 A few weeks , Broke herself 《Bad Boy》 Created by the album 9 Champion Zhou's record .

2002 year , Zhang Huimei was honored in the United States 《 Time 》 Magazine cover , Time magazine listed her as 2002 One of the most influential figures in Asia .

The speed and height of Zhang Huimei's fame are unimaginable and unmatched , She didn't even get used to it .

The heyday of life , Beyond work , She isolated herself , Shut up in the room every day , Even the family don't want to comment .

She walked through the mirror and saw herself , I find the people in the mirror very annoying .

It was a year or two before she realized she couldn't do this , So he began to seek the help of a doctor .

2004 year , Zhang Huimei made a decision that surprised her family and the company , Put down your work and go to Boston , Start a simple student life .

Before going to Boston , She asked many people where to study well , Almost everyone warned her , Don't go to Boston , Because that city is boring .

She heard “ boring ” Two words , I thought I was right ,“ That's where I'm going .”

Student life in Boston , Gave Zhang Huimei a rare relaxation , She can wear a plain face , Wear comfortable sweatshirts .

Simple life gives Zhang Huimei the enthusiasm to stand on the stage again .

When the headmaster knew that Zhang Huimei was a singer , Proposed to provide a venue for 3000 people for Zhang Huimei , Zhang Huimei bargained with the headmaster , Finally, it was set at 800 people .

On the day of the concert , Zhang Huimei wore a cheongsam , As soon as they appeared, all the foreign students were frightened :“ You're not usually like this .”

Maybe I regret not chasing her .

After finishing school , Zhang Huimei returned to Taiwan .

After singing in the studio one day 《 hostage 》, Feeling hurt , She has been unable to calm down .

She called Wu Yukang at three in the morning , Crying and talking on the phone , For more than an hour .

Then she felt comfortable , Tell Wu Yukang at the other end “ sorry , I'm tired , I want to sleep .”

Just hang up .

Wu Yukang was disturbed by Zhang Huimei and was completely sleepless , Give Zhang Huimei a song the next day , The name of the song is 《 I want to be happy 》.

Zhang Huimei finished reading the lyrics , Didn't say a word , Looking at Wu Yukang, he nodded .

Wu Yukang saw tears in her eyes .

Probably after that , Zhang Huimei has something to do 《 Amit 》 Ideas ,“ Amit ” Zhang Huimei's real name of Beinan nationality .

But at that time, my colleagues disagreed , They feel that even if Zhang Huimei appears as Amit , Everyone still knows that she is Zhang Huimei .

until 2009 year , Zhang Huimei doesn't want to compromise , Insist on making an album as Amit .

And a new partner , She feels that new people can look at her from different angles .

In this album, Zhang Huimei speaks freely as Amit , There are many sensitive topics , For broken back 、 Death 、 Feminism involves .

There is a strong taste of rock music in the album , Quote Aboriginal ancient tunes , There are also English foul words .

Same year , Zhang Huimei began with “ Zhang Huimei ” and “ Amit ” Sing songs in two styles , And musical performances .

Students from the Institute of musicology at National Taiwan University , In particular, Zhang Huimei's transformation is used as a paper to explore a Mei's courage to break the framework , The conclusion of the paper praises Zhang Huimei's works that do not fully consider business, which elevates Amit's creative height .

2015 Spring of 2017 In the winter , Zhang Huimei opened 104 site “ Utopia World Tour ”, This concert number , In the Chinese singing world, it is second only to Zhang Xueyou .

At the concert , Zhang Huimei put all the fast songs together , It takes more than half an hour to sing .

Some musicians commented :“ Few people are like this , I think that's why she's challenging herself .”

One year after another , Many streets in Taiwan are under traffic control , After Zhang Huimei's performance , Put on casual clothes , Wearing a hat and mask into the surging crowd , Ready to walk back through tens of thousands of people .

She and her colleagues bought fireworks , Dancing with lit fireworks in the crowded square , No one recognized her , People think the girl is crazy .

When I was about to get home , Zhang Huimei saw many people resting on the roadside , She walked up to a man , Suddenly take off your hat , Pull down the mask and say to the man :“ Happy New Year! .”

Then she ran , The group recognized her and chased after her .

Running along the road , Zhang Huimei saw a couple taking photos , She rushed over , Shout at them :“ Happy New Year! .”

Zhang Huimei said , In fact, I am a village farmer in Tai'an village, Peinan Township, Taidong County .

At the Graduation Concert in Boston , Zhang Huimei sang and danced on the stage , See the Chinese friends under the stage , Every face is full of pride . She was shaking nervously on the stage , As if you were new , Let everyone know her .

She got high marks in her final exam , The teacher wrote her a comment that : Let all foreign friends know that Asia .

A reporter asked her , What do you want to say to the little girl who once dreamed of being a star ?

Zhang Huimei replied :“ I have lived up to my own talent , I think I deserve myself .”

He has an advantage over Huang in Hong Kong �, After a popular Andy Lau , Why no more cooperation ?

32 Lu Kaitong, who fell and committed suicide at the age of : You hurt the world , I can only age for you

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