"The most beautiful face" Zhu Zhu basks in a 20-year-old photo to prove that his lips have not been cosmetic. He was previously called dimple genetic father

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beautiful face zhu zhu basks

8 month 9 Day early in the morning , Zhu Zhu in the third trimester of pregnancy “ It is often said that I hit something on the lip , Turn out some old photos more than ten years ago , I feel my lips shrink more than when I was a child The first one should be 20 s , At that time, it was estimated that no one knew what hyaluronic acid was Thick lips were not popular when I was a child , Cherry mouth is popular Who knows, the defects of thick lips in those years have become the beauty deliberately created now ”, At the end of the article 5 individual “ Ha ” Words show helplessness .

Zhu Zhu Sun out three old photos , The first one is 20 Years old , Zhu Zhu covered one eye with her hand , The other eye is slightly closed , The teeth are not very neat , Thick lips are particularly eye-catching , It's really sexy from childhood to big , As Zhu Zhu said , Lips are thicker when young , It's not caused by cosmetic surgery and hyaluronic acid the day after tomorrow .

Zhu Zhu in the other two photos dressed up as a rock , The eyes are particularly lethal , Thick lips still stand out , When I was young, it was more publicized beauty , Now I'm getting married and going to be a mother. It's much more gentle .

Zhu Zhu turned over the comments of netizens , Show that you have the same trouble , When I was a child, adults said thick lips were not good-looking , And let her talk inside , Who knows the shortcomings of childhood , On the contrary, it has become today's artificial beauty ?

This is not the first time Zhu Zhu denied cosmetic surgery ,4 In June, Zhu Zhu once took a group photo of her father and daughter , Say your dimples are inherited from your father , It's not done , Father and daughter have the same dimple, which is super sweet , Some people always question whether Zhu Zhu is caused by cosmetic surgery the day after tomorrow , She cares more about the opinions of netizens , Repeated denial , The upcoming Zhu Zhu is also very confused .

3 In June, Zhu Zhu married her husband Wang Yunjia outside the circle , In addition, there are many popular dramas on the air , Netizens began to pay attention to Zhu Zhu's life , stay 《 Elite lawyers 》《 Da Qin fu 》 as well as 《 Rebel 》 Medium performance circle powder , Even more than the women in the limelight , Zhu Zhu's career and love have a bumper harvest .

In fact, before becoming popular , Zhu Zhu also has an identity that has attracted much attention from the outside world , She used to 8 Years been rated “ The most beautiful face in the world ”, This list brings together Fan Bingbing 、 Zhang Ziyi et al , The unknown Zhu Zhu shines in front of the public , Some people can't appreciate the beauty of Zhu Zhu , But Zhu Zhu has the beauty of a typical Chinese woman , All kinds of feelings .

After marriage, Zhu Zhu synchronously announced the good news of pregnancy , Zhu Zhu insisted on working during pregnancy , Attend the new drama publicity activities, dedicated and low-key , The daily photos of pregnant women are amazing , A good figure with a fat belly is the standard for actress pregnancy .

Although her husband Wang Yunjia is not an insider , But he always dotes on Zhu Zhu , Some time ago, we shot a promotional video together , Tell the process of knowing and loving each other , Wang Yunjia looks handsome , Considerate and careful , Zhu Zhu is the husband brand platform , The two husband and wife help each other , Occasionally sprinkle dog food to envy others , Wait for Zhu zhuguan to announce the good news of production .

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