In 6 years, Mori disc "opened" for a long time, with a sweet smile, just like Tian Liang. Netizen: genes are too strong

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years mori disc opened long

Sometimes , When parents look after their children , There is always a wonderful feeling , Look at this child who has many similarities with himself , I have a feeling that my life will continue in the world . Everyone in the process of children's growth , I always like to see where my children are like their mothers , Where's dad . And in reality , The child's appearance, character and way of doing things , There are indeed many similarities with parents .

6 Year time , Mori “ Long open ” 了 , The smile is sweet, just like Tian Liang

I don't know if you remember 《 Where's dad going? 》 In the first season of variety show , Tian Liang's daughter “ Mori ”, As a strange girl who loves running , When the program was popular, there were a lot of fans . Six years later , Sen die has grown up . Sen Di's mother Ye Yixi often shares her daughter's photos on social networking sites . The child has grown up , Also quiet a lot .

Only in the picture , Strange girl Sen dish has long hair , The hair is fixed by a headband , Look at something , A look of concentration , It looks like a big girl . Sen dish has grown up , Tian Liang as like as two peas . Some netizens said it “ Genes are too powerful ”、“ The child is so beautiful , Grow up to be a big girl , Who can stand it ”.

However, Sen Di's lively and flexible character seems not very similar to his parents , In fact, children are independent individuals , It has its own unique characteristics , And connected to their parents , There is a wonderful connection .

What genes do children inherit from their parents ?

1. The height of the child

For parents , In addition to being more concerned about the child's appearance , I also worry about my child's height . Especially their parents who are not very tall , They are afraid that their children will not grow tall , In fact, parents still have some influence on children's height .

2. The inheritance of intelligence

Science shows that , For children's intelligence inheritance , Mainly concentrated in chromosomes X On , So the intelligence inheritance of girls is half that of one person , The intelligence inheritance of boys is mainly in their mothers . Of course , This is not entirely decided , Just for your reference .

For children's intelligence , Still need the guidance of parents , Correct some bad habits of children in life , Let children form good study habits . Parents are good at guiding their children to think in their daily life , Help children learn new things .

3. The inheritance of personality differences

Sometimes , Character can also be inherited , Parents are hot tempered , Children may also be hot tempered , But parents should not worry about their children's inherited bad temper , Later can also slowly guide the change .

If parents are worried that their bad temper will affect their children , Then you should start with yourself , Learn to calm down , Deal with things calmly , Don't lose your temper often , Then children will learn to imitate their parents' character .

Here's a reminder , For what characteristics children will inherit from their parents , Some parents worry that some of their shortcomings and shortcomings will be passed on to their children . In fact, parents don't have to worry too much , It is a happy thing that children have similarities with themselves .

About the child's height 、 intelligence 、 Appearance and character , Sometimes it needs to be gradually cultivated the day after tomorrow , Parents should also pay attention to their children's development during their growth period ,“ Hurt Zhong Yong ” Everyone has heard the story of , Even with good talent , There is no effect without cultivation , And even if talent is not good enough , Through good cultivation and hard work, it can also change .

Today's topic interaction : About children inheriting some of their own characteristics , What do you think ? Analysis of these genetic characteristics , Do you think it makes sense ? How do parents help their children develop the day after tomorrow , Is there any good way ? Welcome to leave a message in the comments area , Let's help children grow up healthily

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