The more she "offends" people, the more popular she becomes

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offends people popular

You go KTV What's a must-have song ?

I don't know how many people , Will vote for Faye Wong 《 Red bean 》.

I suddenly found out , I haven't seen Faye Wong on hot search for a long time .

Her sister opened Faye Wong's microblog , The last dynamic , Stay at 2015 year .

Faye Wong with a cool temperament , Few people are willing to expose their private life in public , It's always mysterious 、 An imperceptible feeling .

But her music director commented : “ Faye Wong is actually very simple , It's not complicated at all .”

Today is Faye Wong 52 birthday .

I want to talk to you “ Inverse growth ” Faye Wong .

Talk about a woman , How to cross thousands of rivers and mountains 、 After seeing the suffering of all living beings , But still as real and comfortable as high school girls 、 Pure free and easy .

“ The sky is full of right and wrong , Be my truth ”

Someone will ask :“ Why, no matter what news comes out of Faye Wong , She won't let anyone collapse ?”

Because Faye Wong has no one to set up .

《 A woman who is easily hurt 》、《 human 》、《 legend 》、《 Because love 》、《 Fleet of Time 》……

Her status as a queen , It is paved by works with a resounding voice , Strong and firm .

How many stars try to have a good relationship with the media , And go your own way 、 Drag Faye Wong , In the eyes of many journalists “ Bad interview ” The object of .

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