Qiu Cixuan appeared, lost a circle, and her sharp chin came out. The "good family style" shared is really beautiful

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qiu cixuan appeared lost circle

The fashion trend in recent years seems to encourage women to challenge themselves , Wear freedom , Be loyal to your personality expression , Big woman style came into being , The fire was a mess ; But it seems that few people will mention the good marriage style of gentle little women . Good marriage , In fact, another word is “ The style boys like ”. This style is not limited to what pieces you use , But describe a kind of tenderness 、 sweet 、 Lovely and exquisite dressing atmosphere , It can arouse boys' full desire for protection . Compared with sexy and bold style , Good marriage style, many non aggressive softness and delicacy . That's why , Many people misinterpret the meaning of good marriage style , I don't think this style of pleasing men should exist .

But some people like to be hot girls , Some people like to be sweet girls , The beauty of women is never limited to one kind of , What's more, the good marriage style itself is a style tailored to show women's charm , Why not be a sweet little girl ? So in this article, sister cat should not only introduce the skills of getting married , What's more, we should explain how to make the good marriage style enjoy both refined and popular tastes 、 Sweet and not greasy . Now let's use the once dazzling collocation of autumn porcelain , Let's explain in detail . Qiu porcelain appeared after the storm and lost a circle , The sharp chin is coming out , I shared it a while ago “ Good family style ” It looks beautiful , Let's go together. . How to make a good marriage style to be sweet but not greasy

① Add no more than three feminine elements to your clothes , Sweet and advanced

The charm of good marriage style lies in putting away the sharp edge of women , Show the gentle and pleasant side , Give people a non aggressive affinity . So I want to wear this style , You should add feminine elements to your clothes . But to avoid “ Sweet ”、“ So tired ” Cause other people's disgust , We should control the feminine elements within three , Know how to measure , Win advanced .

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