Xingyeguo has a good eye and looks at Lin Yun's appearance in a T-shirt. His temperament is as good as the "Mermaid" of that year

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xingyeguo good eye looks lin

Every time I mention Lin Yun , Xiao Liu first thought of , It's all Stephen Chow movies 《 Mermaid 》, She stood out in the audition for the movie heroine , Become the heroine of the film , It's just a flash in the eye , The beauty and figure are too in line with the image of mermaid in people's mind .

It can be said that Lin yunrang “ Mermaid ” This image has authenticity , And as a new actress , You can be selected by the star master as soon as you start your career , Become the heroine of a movie , This starting point is undoubtedly very high , And the strength shown in the film , Equally acclaimed .

However, I don't know if it's because the starting point is too high , Let netizens have higher expectations for her , So that the subsequent development is a little difficult to meet the requirements of netizens , since 《 Mermaid 》 After that, although I also took out a lot of film and television works , However, it is difficult to improve the reputation of acting skills .

In recent years, Lin Yun's development in the circle is not slow , He also produced many film and television works one after another , Whether it's 《 Break the vault of heaven 》, still 《 The story of time 》 etc. , They are all excellent works , It's just that the reputation has not been very high , Acting strength has also been questioned .

If you don't look at its business level in the film and television field , Just look at the shape conditions , Lin Yunyan's figure is undoubtedly excellent , Even in the entertainment world with so many beautiful women , Also highly competitive ; Good dress taste gives her more charm , Let's have a look .

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