There is a kind of "cosmetic surgery" called Peng Yuchang ancient costume, handsome and exquisite. Netizen: Baby disguises as a man?

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kind cosmetic surgery peng yuchang

Peng Yuchang , He is a very good boy , I won't be proud of my popularity , Still so diligent , Still so clever and sensible , stay 《 Desired life 》 Chinese people know him completely , The little boy next door .

Although he looks very young , There have been many works of their own , Young and young, he is still very good at finding a role suitable for himself , like 《 Go princess go 》、《 Spray after spray 》、《 Flash girl 》、《 Artifact spirit 2》 wait , Can see his wonderful performance .

Show exquisite acting skills in film and television works , Show your true self in variety shows , Get the attention of the audience , It is also known as the new generation four students of acting school . His temperament belongs to the sunny type , So more modern dramas .

I seldom see him in ancient clothes , If you insist on his ancient costume style , That is in 《 Go princess go 》 As father-in-law Qiang , A palace dress , It's kind of spiritual , But it's not representative , Then it depends on what he will look like in real ancient clothes .

Long horsetail , Chic bangs , Carefully decorated makeup , It seems that the appearance value has been raised to a higher level , Temperament has also changed , The overall charm has also changed , People can't recognize him for a moment , Very delicate , It's also very handsome , Net friend : Is it baby A man disguises himself as a woman .

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