In 1999, when Zhou Jie took over the shooting of young Bao Qingtian, Qiongyao advised him: it's best not to shoot, otherwise you'll be ruined

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zhou jie took shooting young

1999 year , Zhou Jie took the shot 《 Young Justice Bao 》 when , Qiongyao advised him : You'd better not shoot , Or you'll ruin ! Zhou Jie didn't listen to her , Signed at one go 3 Ministry !

What Qiongyao didn't think of is , Zhou Jie's Bao Qingtian not only didn't destroy him , Instead, let him explode in half the sky ! It is estimated that Zhou Jie will secretly rejoice that he has his own opinion !

In fact, at the beginning, Bao Qingtian was not Zhou Jie at all , But Wu Qilong .

But Wu Qilong has always focused on taking the route of youth idol , I'm afraid Bao Qingtian's black face will affect his idol image , So he said no. .

The second candidate is Lu Yi , But Lu Yi is very busy , There are too many films , Schedule collision , I can't get away .

The crew racked their brains , Start checking out male actors of the same age one by one , Just looking for a more suitable .

At the time ,29 Zhou Jie has just relied on 《 Princess huanzhu 》 Loved by the audience , And a little famous .

So soon he was watched by the crew , When the director found him and explained his intention , Zhou Jie is afraid that Qiongyao is unhappy , By courtesy. , He called Qiongyao for advice .

Qiongyao is very unhappy , She said : You'd better not play , Think about if you play black faced Bao Gong with crescent moon , Isn't it handsome , Has the gentle Erkang been ruined ?

Zhou Jie was a little hesitant , But being reminded by Qiongyao , Instead, he wants to play Bao Qingtian , Because he wants to challenge himself , Can create more screen images , There will be more shows in the future , Facts have proved that Zhou Jie's choice is right .

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