"I really love you" Douban has a score of 5.2. The plot is unreasonable. There are only two normal people in the whole play

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really love douban score 5.2.

《 I really love you 》 Bean petals open 5.2

During this time, the top three of the network popularity of domestic dramas have been 《 I really love you 》、《 You are my glory 》 and 《 Yulouchun 》 Three plays dominate , however 《 Song with Jun 》 As soon as it started broadcasting, it jumped to the second place , It can be seen that the strength of Cheng Yi and Zhang Yuxi cannot be underestimated .

《 Song with Jun 》 Although the heat is temporarily pressing the heat of Reba and Yang Yang 《 You are my glory 》, But it still didn't shake 《 I really love you 》 At the top of the heat list , I have to say that TV dramas with female themes are really audience protection .

《 I really love you 》 Own Liu Tao 、 Du Chun 、 Li Nian 、 Yuan Wenkang and other strong cast , In addition, the play focuses on female families 、 In the workplace 、 Marriage and other hot topics , It's understandable that the heat is at the top of the list .

Although it has bright ratings and popularity , however 《 I really love you 》 The Douban score didn't open until the grand finale , Surprisingly, nearly one-third of the people made a one-star bad comment , At present, the comprehensive score is only 5.2.

Why is that ?

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