After falling in love, Wang Ziwen celebrated his son's birthday with a high profile, and a mouth-to-mouth kiss attracted heated discussion

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falling love wang ziwen celebrated

Kiss the child , It has always been something many people will do , But as the children grow up , Some people think , The intimacy between parents and children , We need to grasp a scale . There are many artists in the entertainment industry , When taking pictures with children, they kiss mouth to mouth , It has triggered a heated discussion all over the network , Among them, Wang Ziwen celebrated his child's birthday , Drying out a picture of his son has become the focus of heated discussion outside .

Wang Ziwen admitted that unmarried children

as everyone knows , Wang Ziwen is a good actor , There have been rumors that she has been married and has children , Most viewers believe in melons when they eat them , Unexpectedly, it was on Hunan Satellite TV 《 Heart pounding again 》 In the program , But Wang Ziwen openly said he was single , And successfully holding hands with male guest Wu Yongen , Wang Ziwen after love , Also become more bold .

however , If you have a little partner who pays attention to the program, you know , Wang Ziwen also publicly admitted the fact that he had unmarried children at that time , A word of “ I do have a child ” It has also become a hot search entry on the hot search list , It has aroused heated discussion all over the network , Everyone makes fun of , Is it popular for stars to have children without marriage ?

Wang Ziwen after love , I spend most of my time showing my love , Often because of the daily hot search with Wu Yongen , Everyone is used to it . As an actor, Wang Ziwen , In recent years, there have been few representative works of their own , Because love has always been concerned , It's not all good , At least everyone doesn't feel very good .

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