"Sugar workers" behind sweet pet drama

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sugar workers sweet pet drama

A friend took a picture of Zhang Mu when he was writing . Chart of respondents

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Screenwriter Zhang Mu has two worlds .

In her writing “ Sweet pet ” The play , The life of an ordinary girl can “ Opening and hanging ”―― Thirsty, someone sent Iced Milk Tea , It's raining. Someone handed an umbrella , Surrounded by at least two high-value men , The rental house is as exquisite as a model room .

The writer's real life is , Rent in Beijing “ Old broken little ”, make a bed on the floor . not a few “ touch one's head ”“ wall thump ” The plot was painstakingly thought out after she opened the takeout box .

By subject matter ,“ Sweet pet ” Drama belongs to romance ,“ sweet ” It's sweet ,“ Pet ” It's love , Used to describe the emotional relationship of the protagonist in the play .

In recent years , Such dramas are popular in the market , Attract the favor of a lot of capital and the participation of creators . Released by Yien century data 《2021 Research Report on the drama market in the first half of the year 》 Statistics ,2021 The sweet favorite drama launched in accounted for more than 30% of all theme dramas in the same period , Some video websites even set up special “ Sweet pet ” channel .

The screenwriter was sent to both the audience and the producer “ Sugar sprinklers ” Look forward to of . Every time the protagonist shows his love , It means that the story writer sprinkled a handful of sugar ―― Not ordinary sugar , yes “ Industrial saccharin ”.

When 6 Year of “ Sugar workers ”, Zhang Mu still thinks , Drama is drama , Life is life ,“ I don't think love is like this ”.

At least one kiss per episode

Li Ke has changed many “ Boyfriend ”, High IQ 、 indifferent , There are also warm men ,“ It's all fake ”. however , Watching a sweet favorite play on the screen can replace yourself as the heroine ,“ Fantasy is a kind of spiritual opium , Can bring happiness ”.

The girl who works hard from Hebei to Guangdong often “ Look everywhere for ‘ sugar ’ eat ”.

She went back to the shared room 、 When opening the takeout box , The video software in the mobile phone often starts to play the title advertisement of sweet favorite drama . For a veteran audience like her , Watching a play before going to bed is the beginning , All night, it's advanced , The more you see, the more excited you are... You will pay “ On demand ahead of time ”. If you have money in your pocket , Li Ke will frantically look for free resources on social platforms . When the video playback progress bar stops at the last second of the episode , Her fingers habitually move to the platform search bar , Find out the characters and shooting gags .

An audience told China Youth Daily ・ China Youth Network , She's usually on her commute “ have some sweets ”,“ That's my free time ”. She goes to work, takes the bus and then goes to the subway , need 45 minute , Every time the vehicle enters the station , She automatically moves to the edge of the crowd in the carriage . The environment is noisy , but “ It doesn't matter if there is a sound , The picture has to play ”. In recent days , She has to go to the hospital for infusion treatment after work , It doesn't affect her “ have some sweets ”, When watching a play , The needle free hand acts as a mobile phone support .

“ Industrial saccharin ” Not made by one person . Liu Jing has just been in business for a year , As far as she knows , The production process of sweet pet drama is usually ―― The drama investor buys the adaptation right of a novel or cartoon , Find the screenwriter team “ Scripted adaptation ”, Write script outlines and biographies , The investor then takes the outline and biography to find the drama broadcasting platform , Platform introduction Director 、 actor . Liu Jing said frankly :“ I have no say , The screenwriter is the least valued in the whole link , You have to give them whatever they want .”

College of Arts, Beijing Normal University 2019 Yang Yi, a first-class doctoral student, once wrote in his paper , There is at least one kiss in each episode of a sweet favorite play , The whole play 30 The episode appeared 42 A kissing scene ; The play also creatively invented “ Medicine kiss ”“ Sandwich kiss ” And other unnecessary kissing scenes .

Song Fangjin, a well-known screenwriter, also met general “ Sweetness ” Quantified producer . The first season of that show , The hero and heroine kissed 20 Time , The producer asked that the second season should be changed to 40 Time , Whether or not the plot requires ,“ The screenwriter must do ”.

The predecessor of sweet favorite drama is Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korean idol drama .21 The beginning of the century 10 year ,《 Meteor garden 》《 Blue love of life and death 》 And other dramas are popular in the mainland market , Many boys and girls at that time were able to name a few “ Tears of the times ”, Some people can even list the representative plays of that year according to the year of broadcasting . The protagonist often suffers from terminal illness 、 In a car accident 、 said “ bye ” No more …… But the audience still looks up to it . Liu Jing is no exception ,“ I was poisoned by sweet pet when I was a child , Anyway, when I was a teenager, I was invaded by idol dramas ”.

Now I'm writing dramas , She's almost always writing “ Proposition composition ”.

such as , The actor who plays male number three wants more emotional plays , Actors who create high and cold human design cannot have lines contrary to human design ,“ Fans will explode ”. In accepting the China Youth Daily ・ In an interview with chinayouth.com , Liu Jing said it twice “ I'm the one who works with money ”, This means that the screenwriter should give up the creator's thinking , Be a good machine for executing instructions .

Both Liu Jing and Zhang Mu have a set of writing ideas . Liu Jing has been chasing drama for many years “ Old version ”, Zhang Mu likes to carefully write down the character setting and main stem from Korean dramas . With the maturity of screenwriting ability ,“ refine sugar ” The methods are becoming more and more detailed and diversified , For example, when “ wall thump ” After becoming a pop action , The upgraded version includes “ Hands thump ”“ Elbow Dong ”“ Bed Dong ” etc. ,“ Touch the head to kill ” After the heat , Again “ Knead face to kill ”“ Gesture kill ” etc. .

Cool cloud interaction 2020 year 9 Released on 《 Sweet favorite drama analysis report 》 call , Sweet favorite drama is the sugar in bitter life , The appearance of the protagonist is immortal , The drama of misunderstanding is short , The trend of the emotional line is fast . The screenwriter just needs to be like a worker who installs parts , Add a lot of... In the right place “ sugar ” And a little contradiction , The script can be packaged and delivered .

But Liu Jing knew , The audience can't always “ have some sweets ”, I can't always write sweet favorite plays .“ We are smart people , To Dafanshenzhang .” For her ,“ Turn over ” After solving the livelihood problem , Create freely , Write really valuable plays .

An inescapable doughnut

“ No Screenwriter's dream is to be a sweet favorite ?” Liu Jing asked with a smile , Become a sweet favorite screenwriter , Ben is not in her career plan , When directing 、 Making literary films is her dream .

She analyzed , Theoretically , The road for a director student starts with a film and television company , Join the crew 、 Learn from the director group , Naturally become a filmmaker . actually , If no one recommends it , It's not easy to work on the crew right away . She envied being able to “ Enter group ”“ Heel group ” Classmate , But the other party is not following the director ,“ Do chores , I didn't learn anything , It's still a long way to go ”.

Think about it in front of the computer “ Sweet love play ” Is Liu Jing's strong point ,“ It's all in a circle anyway ”, It's good to write a sweet favorite play “ Curve of national salvation ” The way . Another screenwriter Zhang Mu said ,“ Not to make a living , I can't write a sweet pet play ”.

2011 year , Zhang Mu was admitted to a famous university majoring in drama, film and Television Literature . That year , Costume through love TV series 《 Palace lock heart jade 》 The national ratings rank first in the same period , The heroine Yang Mi won the 17th Shanghai TV Magnolia Award “ Best actress ” Many awards in .4 Years later, , There are more online dramas in China 2011 It increased by about 15 times , The shooting cycle is only 70 Days of 《 Go princess go 》 go online 12 The amount of playback on the mobile terminal exceeds 400 Ten thousand times , The cumulative play volume of the whole play exceeds 26 100 million times .

Looking at this booming market , Zhang Mu entered a film and television company and began to write online dramas . monthly 3000 I got an internship salary of yuan 3 After a month , She and two colleagues moved to the new editor's play studio , Start to receive online movies and online dramas . Editor in chief dramatist 、 Studio sofas used to be her foothold , In order to “ Open your eyes and work , Close your eyes and go to sleep ”.

A steady stream of projects kept her from constantly staring at her bank card balance , But the job didn't make her agree with that kind of “ sugar ” The smell of .“ The man kept taking a bath , The lower body is still wrapped in a bath towel , This is the practice of Korean drama .” Zhang Mu thinks , This kind of plot has become very vulgar , But market data tell her ,“ This is still a female audience ‘ Sugar ’ The point of .”

2017 year , Liu Jing walked into the campus with the admission notice of the graduate student of the director department , Expect to pass the of drama theory “ The blessing ”, I can be famous in the title of literary and artistic films in the future . Not long ago, the reality was , She has to meet the second deadline , The whole rental house is her imaginary studio . A person sitting in front of the computer codes , You have to stand up and walk around 、 Vent 、 fantasy ,“ Talk with God ”―― She imagined the lines and actions of the characters in the play , Then write down “ The man stared into the woman's eyes , Suddenly, he stretched out his hand and pulled the woman's legs to force her close to herself ”.

enter a profession 6 year , Zhang Mu is still used to calling himself a new screenwriter , She doesn't have enough financial strength , There are not enough representative works to add “ Senior ” The prefix of . She described , I am pure “ Touch and roll ” player , No connections , Don't have the resources , By constantly changing projects to save works , He became a professional screenwriter of sweet favorite drama . The awkward part is , What kind of play did you write , What kind of new projects will come to you ,“ A vicious cycle ”, There's no escape from the doughnut .

She imagined her future : Write ordinary plays , Maintain a basic life . She's afraid she can't understand what young audiences like 、 At last “ sugar ” All tastes are out of date , So she put 00 My hobbies after reading are regarded as reading comprehension homework , Search the constantly updated network language on the video website , Try to catch up before the tuyere changes “ Earn more ”.

The low standard of the audience is giving Zhang Mu a chance to , It also gives other sweet favorite screenwriters the opportunity . An audience told China Youth Daily ・ China Youth Network , She has very low requirements for sweet pet drama , As long as the plot and the acting skills of the actors are not too “ Pull the crotch ”, She will chase .

Professional docking market , It's not that easy

Fang Yan's work is film and television literature planning , What she wants to catch most is “ Those who are willing to chase sweet favorite drama for a long time ”.

Unlike suspense 、 Workplace and other types of online dramas , Sweet favorite play “ High cost performance ”, Writers don't have to spend time in a relationship , Don't need too many technical terms , You don't have to spend too much time building logic , As long as there is “ Cinderella ” and “ prince ”、“ Bullying, ” and “ A poor girl ” Such character settings , A sweet favorite play can be prepared .

Yang Yi's paper 《 Sweet pet drama and young people's emotional anxiety 》 analysis :“ Today, the cost of love is getting higher and higher , If you can use fantasy to talk about a love that will never break up , Create a perfect relationship , Why do you have to work so hard ?” thus ,“ Sweet pet ” Turned into “ love ” The desire after castration remains . On the one hand, it is to take away love and enrich social connotation , Just want to tell the pure and beautiful homogenization of the feebleness of emotion , On the other hand, urban youth are unwilling to face the frustration and inferiority of materialized feelings in reality . It is the anxiety and embarrassment of young people in real life , That gave birth to the sweet favorite drama “ sweet ” and “ Pet ”, And this is the root of the popularity of sweet pet drama .

It's just , The products in the network market update rapidly , The requirements of investors and audiences are becoming more and more stringent ,“ clothing 、 turn 、 Avenue ” Be exquisite , The scene should be grounded , In addition to appearance, actors also have traffic and so on , If sweet pet drama wants to surpass the pass line , Close to the popular model , You can't just sprinkle sugar , It has to be made “ Sweet pet +”.

Li Ke recently fell in love with “ Sweet pet +” Drama, ,“ The female leader is not in a high position and is humiliated , The man came out and said ‘ My woman ’, Sweet, earthy and addictive ”.

A male audience told the China Youth Daily ・ China Youth Network , Most of the reasons for watching sweet favorite dramas are “ Watch with your girlfriend ”,“ The plot is nothing more than a few contacts, after which the male master holds the female master in his hand , The latter two are bound to encounter crisis , Through the obsession of loving each other, solve the difficulties ”, Such a routine he felt very “ naive ”, It's better to play suspense “ Shuang ”.

Conventional “ sugar ” Added to various flavors , Like suspense 、 Detective 、 Elements such as superpowers , Trying to pull the male audience into the ranks of fans . The collocation of the hero and heroine is no longer limited to “ Hegemon ” and “ Girl ”, But gradually turn to both men and women “ High self-worth Xueba ” Or the form of strong women and weak men .

Fang Yan boasts that “ A n experienced person ”, She recalls , Once I couldn't write because of anxiety , Go to the newsstand and buy seven or eight literary periodicals , Read dozens of novels for inspiration .《 Youth literature 》《 Harvest 》《 October 》《 Contemporary 》 It was all on her bookshelf “ Frequent visitor ”, However “ Marisu ”“ Criminal investigation ” And so on , It will make her “ There are four or five creative states in a week ”. She once sent a document in her circle of friends to ask her friends to recommend sweet pet drama , At most, I watch seven or eight movies a week , And convince yourself to accept those “ Sweet stem ”, And keep thinking “ Is the beat right , Is the character the boss wants , Have the requirements of the producer been met ”.

She finally waited until “ upgrade ” The moment of , from “ When you are ill and hospitalized, you have to rush the script in the ward ” My little screenwriter became “ Go to work at what time you want ” Literary planning . She explained , The voice of this job is slightly higher than that of a screenwriter , Screenwriters and scripts can be screened ,“ It's Party A's person ”.

In Fang Yan's opinion , Party A's requirements usually represent the market , they “ I hope the screenwriter can give full play to his talent within a certain limit , Instead of unrestricted release , To do a lot of thankless scripts 、 Unnecessary personal expression ”, Fang Yan explained ,“ Not everyone can shoot like Bi Gan 《 A roadside picnic 》”―― That's a literary film she especially appreciates .

With the rapid change of market environment , Drama and literature majors in some colleges and universities still insist on traditional training . A graduate student majoring in drama and literature at Communication University of China said , She won't give art films 、 Commercial film 、 Online drama and other film and television works are ranked in the contempt chain , But she thinks literary films are “ Real thought expression ”.

quite a lot “ trained ” All the film and television industry workers can quickly say 《 Save the cat 》《 The story 》 And other theoretical books , I know 《 The old woman returned home 》《 Macbeth 》 Wait for classic drama , But when it comes to sweet pet , A lot of people say , This is not a case that will be interpreted in class .

Secretary of the general Party branch of the Department of dramatic literature of the Central Academy of drama 、 Screenwriter Qu Shifei set up a school 《 Reading and appreciation 》《 Analysis of TV series 》 Courses , Cultivate students' understanding of drama and aesthetics . He told the China Youth Daily ・ China Youth Network , Teaching and going to the market are two completely different things . Professional schools should cultivate professional foundation , Instead of becoming a technical school , There may not be a complete match between professional foundation and market demand . The school teaches skills and means to help students express , What students have to do is read a lot , Experience is formed through reading .

Besides , Qu Shifei said frankly , He understood that the students also wanted to write 《 Mountains and seas 》《 The age of awakening 》 These are the main themes 、 A grounded film , But the premise is that the creator has a long experience and understanding of life , We should absorb enough historical materials .

It means , A screenwriter with a professional background may not be able to adapt to Fang Yan's mouth “3 Write a big online movie one day ” The rhythm of , You can't operate several projects at the same time .

The Chinese International screenwriter Festival jointly released 《2019-2020 Ecological investigation report of Chinese young screenwriters 》 Show ,58% The screenwriter can work on two projects at the same time , At the same time, it can promote 4 And 4 More than projects account for only 1%, These writers basically have their own studios or teams .

Screenwriter song Fangjin once said , Now the screenwriter of sweet pet , Basically, few graduates from professional colleges , This skill is something professionals can't learn .“ Central Academy of drama 、 Screenwriter from Beijing Film Academy , It may be difficult to participate in the creation of sweet pet drama . What the teacher teaches is to conform to the main line of the character , But what the producers are asking is how to do 40 First kiss .”

actually , Including Zhang Mu 、 Including Liu Jing , Screenwriters from many professional colleges are inevitably involved in the market wave .“ Catch the market , Pay attention , Of course you can catch it , But how can you know where the next step is ?”

Liu Jing calculated , When can I write a feminist play . Zhang Mu thought more about the present , She just came back from a business trip , Bought fried chicken 、 Potato chips 、 Sweets piled on the table , Turn on the computer , Start thinking about how to sprinkle sugar in the new script ―― This time, , She's going to write a “ Sweet pet +”, After the plus sign , yes “ The love between ancient gods and people ”.

( At the request of the interviewee , Liu Jing 、 Zhangmu 、 Fang Yan 、 Li Kejun is a pseudonym )

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