Chen Lu unilaterally announced her love affair. Huo Zun didn't respond. Netizen: I was embarrassed to see Shan Xuan for the first time

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chen lu unilaterally announced love

In recent days, , Dancer Chen Lu posted a post on the social platform , The picture of the post is a sweet group photo of her and Huo Zun , There is no accompanying text , direct @ Huo Zun .

without doubt , Chen Lu, this is Guan Xuan's relationship with Huo Zun , But it's interesting , Huo Zun didn't respond , Not on social platforms , There's nothing in the comments area .

Many people bless , But many netizens think the woman is so active , The man didn't respond , A little embarrassed .

According to the time when the media broke the news , Two people together at least 5 Years. , stay 5 They were photographed dating years ago . And Huo Zun's fans seem to know more about this relationship , It is said that the two have been together 8、9 Years of time .

If two people are really together 8、9 year , This time it was the woman's unilateral official declaration , To be frank , Or you're getting married soon , Or maybe it's a little bad . as everyone knows , Love is generally not suitable for so long , Time is long. , It's easy to lose the desire to get married , But if one party wants to break the original state , There will be danger .

I hope we can wait for good news this time , See when Huo Zun will officially respond to this relationship .

Chen Lu is a professional dancer

Many people are curious , What kind of woman can capture Huo Zun who is full of immortality on the stage ?

Chen Lu is a national second-class actor , Once studied in Canada to learn dance , As a leading dancer in Shanghai Song and dance troupe .2017 In the year , He has also been on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala .

But even so , She still belongs to the rank of plain people , There are few introductions to herself on the Internet .

But from the appearance and figure alone , The little sister still belongs to the goddess level , And looks and Huo Zun feel very well matched , Male talent and female appearance .

Huo Zun is the son of Huofeng , But he embarked on the road of music by his own talent

Speaking of Huo Zun , The easiest thing to think of is 《 Rolling bead curtains 》 This song , Just hear this song , Huo Zun's immortal appearance on the stage will appear in front of him .

That's him 《 Chinese good songs 》 A song sung in that variety show , Also won the first session with this song 《 Chinese good songs 》 The champion of . Everyone was curious , What kind of family , Can you teach such a spiritual child ?

Later, the media exposed , Huo Zun's father is the famous musician Huofeng . A song of the fire wind 《 Big sedan chair 》 In those days, it was popular all over the country , With such a father , It is reasonable to say that Huo Zun should be like a duck to water in the entertainment circle .

However, Huo Zun as a child , With theout his father's protection .

Huo Zun hasn't arrived yet 3 year , My parents divorced , Huo Zun grew up with his mother . They live in a alley in Shanghai 19 The square meter house is as long as 20 year .

Huo Zun's mother was also an early singer , Just later to take care of the children , Give up your career . Both parents are musicians , This also gives Huo Zun An unusual talent for music . Huo Zun learned piano from childhood , I passed the piano performance level in high school .

What's interesting is that , In fact, his parents don't want him to go this way , They initially hoped that Huo Zun would study Business Administration , Live an ordinary life . However, Huo Zun is very interested in music , Sophomore was discovered by a star scout when he was singing in a bar , Since then, I have embarked on the road of music .

Huo Zun first attended 《 Dynamic Asia star 》, Won the third place in Asia . What really made him famous in World War I was his participation in 《 Chinese good songs 》, He sings 《 Rolling bead curtains 》 The scene was impressive , It amazed a lot of the audience , Also let Huo Zun be remembered by many people .

In the whole process of Huo Zun's fame , In fact, father Huofeng didn't play much role , To be frank , It's too early for Huofeng to become famous , And the follow-up creation is a little hot , The energy in the Jianghu is not that big .

Parents divorced , But I still try my best to protect Huo Zun

Huo Zun's mother's name is Zhong Xiaoping , Also a singer .

There is a , Zhong Xiaoping and Huofeng take Huo Zun to the Canton Fair , Accidentally lost Huo Zun , Zhong Xiaoping was almost crazy . The venue of the Canton Fair is very big , There's a lot of traffic , To find a little girl under the age of three , It's really not easy . Fortunately, Huo Zun was wearing a red hat , Finally, Zhong Xiaoping found him .

But also because of this , Zhong Xiaoping decided to quit singing , Concentrate on taking care of your son .

Later, Zhong Xiaoping found , Fire wind is more suitable to be friends , Instead of being a husband and wife , They divorced , Zhong Xiaoping returned to Shanghai with Huo Zun alone .

But they kept the divorce secret from Huo Zun , I hope to create a complete family for my children . At first, Huo Zun didn't realize that his parents were divorced , But my father is not at home all day , Even his classmates were suspicious , Ask if his parents are divorced .

To dispel the child's doubts , The fire wind increases the number of times you go home to see your children , Every time I bring all kinds of gifts .

However, Huofeng also had new feelings later , He's getting married again , But they decided to confess the truth to their children . For this reason, Huo Zun also has a gap with his father , Zhong Xiaoping, a mother, mediate , Just let father and son untie the knot .

In an interview, Zhong Xiaoping once said , The fire wind owes the world , Only owe her .

She just wanted to tell Huo Zun , Huofeng is a good father , Don't have any resentment against him .

So although Huo Zun encountered the change of his parents' divorce , Physical and mental development under the careful care of parents , Or grow up healthily , Coupled with great talent , Only now can there be Huo Zun, a national style singer who is full of immortality .

Huo Zun is the representative of Guofeng youth

Speaking of the word national style , The image of Huo Zun can't match any more .

And Huo Zun's song also follows this route , His songs always incorporate the elements of national style into pop music , It makes people feel very fresh , After listening to it, I feel like a spring breeze .

At the moment rap、 Hip hop elements are in the popular trend , The national style songs represented by Huo Zun are like a clear stream , Won the love of many people .

But Huo Zun is 《 This is the original 》 On that show , It still shows more possibilities in him , Even rock music can be easily controlled , Really talented .

National style youth with dancing girls , It's really a great feeling , Do you think? ?


in any case , Bless Huo Zun and Chen Lu , I also hope to see Huo Zun's response as soon as possible ,10 An hour passed , It's not appropriate to embarrass girls for too long . For Huo Zun and Chen Lu , What do you think ? Welcome to chat in the comments area .

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