Shu Qi sends blessings for Feng Delun's 47th birthday: happy birthday, teacher, old friend and husband.

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shu qi sends blessings feng

Feng Delun Guo 47 birthday , Shu Qi sends blessings : teacher 、 Old friend 、 Husband , Happy birthday, .

Last night, , Shu Qi sun out a very fuzzy handsome picture of her husband , Celebrate Feng Delun's birthday .“ I wanted to put your invincible handsome photo , But in my character of Versailles , Just let you go , well , teacher , Old friend , Husband , Happy birthday, .” Shuqi said .

Seeing this couple sprinkle dog food , Fans commented ,“ Shu Qi is married ? My impression still stays in ‘ It's a pity that Shu Qi and Feng Delun haven't been together for many years ’ On this level …”“ The wedding photo is holding a veil , The clothes are just white T nothing more .”“ I forgot they were married .”“ I also forgot , I thought Shu Qi was single .” The reason why people don't remember and don't know , Probably because this couple is too low-key , Rarely show love publicly , Shu Qi himself often updates the news , But the protagonists are their own cats .

When two people show their love in public , It's almost always on your birthday . For example, Shu Qi 45 On your birthday , Feng Delun took photos and sent a document to celebrate his wife's birthday , He said :“ My beautiful wife , Keep laughing together , Forever young ”. But Feng Delun is not a beautiful photo of his wife , But a deformed big face with a filter , This time Shu Qi took a very blurred photo , Is this intentional or intentional ?

last year 8 month 9 On Feng Delun's birthday , Shu Qi also sends blessings on time , I wish my husband a happy birthday . Feng Delun sat opposite Shu Qi in black , Doting eyes . Shu Qi not only sent a birthday cake , Portray her husband as an artist playing drums in the starry sky , Match words “ Stephen , Happy birthday, ”, And write it down on the field board “ The most handsome Director ” Four words . Last year's Feng Delun had 46 birthday , This year 47 Year old , How time flies . Because the marriage between two people is so happy , Add this age , Someone has been giving birth to , I hope two people can have a baby , But it seems that Shu Qi and Feng Delun are not in a hurry .

Shu Qi enjoys her current life . before , After my husband went out to work , Shu Qi took photos and wrote :“ Suddenly feel lonely , Husband, get out , The staff are not around , All my friends have an appointment , A wave of loneliness came to my nose . oh ya, Finally nobody cares about me , No one wants me to take care of , Free !” Then Feng Delun commented ,“ Who cares about you , Qi Ge ”. Are you tired of the two people's world , ha-ha .

Regarding this , Netizens said ,“ You wouldn't say that if you had a child ( Of course, if you don't want to be born, you don't want to be born , I respect ).”“ At first, I thought I was divorced ……” Because of all kinds of speculation on the Internet , Stars dare not easily regard social networking sites as their circle of friends , Send whatever you want , Whatever you say will cause misunderstanding , You might as well shut the door and say nothing .

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