Congratulations on Fage's doctoral degree, but I'm still full of confusion about him

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congratulations fage doctoral degree confusion

First , Congratulations “ Fage ” Chow Yun Fat received another honorary doctorate !

8 month 7 Japan , Chow Yun fat was awarded by the Hong Kong Baptist University Honorary doctor of Humanities Academic degree , In recognition of his professional achievements and important contributions to global films .

66 Zhou Runfa, aged, rarely appears as a white haired man . He put on a red doctor's suit , After wearing the black doctor's hat , He gave an affectionate speech on the stage .

Dr Chow embodies the fighting spirit of Hong Kong people

He recalled his early experience in film , He said he kept filming after graduating from the training class 、 Keep talking dialogue ,“ From 6 a.m. to 2 a.m. the next day , Especially after shooting 《 True colour of a hero 》 after , Became an action Superstar , Spend every day in a hail of bullets .”

He said passionately to the audience :“ Thank you for your tolerance and love for me .”

This is not the first time Chow Yun fat has won the honorary title .

As early as 1999 year , Fage has been awarded an honorary academician by the Hong Kong Academy of performing arts ;2001 In, he was awarded the honorary doctor of literature by the City University of Hong Kong .

Chow Yun fat's speech

Professor Wei Bingjiang, President of Hong Kong Baptist University, commented on Fage at the ceremony :“ Regardless of the mountains and valleys , Chow Yun fat has been working silently , Make unremitting efforts , Even if fame and fortune are , Still learning , Constantly challenge yourself , More importantly, he always keeps a humble and grateful heart , His perseverance and attitude towards people , It can be regarded as a model for young people .”

Netizens also applauded Fage's white hair : Fage's white hair is really handsome !

In fact, many Hong Kong stars have won the title of honorary doctor !

For example, Maggie Cheung received an honorary doctorate from the University of Edinburgh in the UK ; Zeng Zhiwei received an honorary doctor from Colorado Hatton University in the United States ; Hong Kong Baptist University has also awarded Jackie Chan an honorary doctor ; Eight years later , The school of hotel and Tourism Management awarded Jackie Chan an honorary doctorate .

2018 year 5 month 20 Japan , Boston University awarded director Zhang Yimou an honorary doctorate in Humanities and art .

Hong Kong Baptist University introduced Chow Yun Fat : Dr. Zhou 1955 Born in a grassroots family on Lamma Island, Hong Kong ,18 I was admitted to the art training class of TV station at the age of , From then on, he started his outstanding acting career . In the 1970s and 1980s , Dr. Zhou has a wide range of plays , Played a live struggle at the grass-roots level of society , But people who value human feelings and righteousness , It quickly became popular in Chinese communities all over the world .

After the success of the TV play , Dr. Zhou in 1976 In, he began to enter the film industry . After that, more than 45 Years of film career , He works with many famous directors , Participated in more than 100 films , There are countless awards , Include 1987、1988 And 1990 The Hong Kong Film Awards for best actor , as well as 1985 Years and 1987 Golden Horse Award for best actor , He can witness the golden age of Hong Kong Films , His performance is also regarded as the benchmark of the film art profession . Dr. Zhou's enthusiasm and pursuit of excellence in the film industry , Make him enter Hollywood .2020 year , Dr. Zhou became “ The founding of new China 70 National top ten film actors on the anniversary ” One of .

Professor Wei Bingjiang said ,“ Dr Chow Yun Fat embodies the fighting spirit of Hong Kong people , Shaping the glorious era of Hong Kong Films , In the sea 、 They are all very popular people outside .”

These words , Basically, it tells the achievements of Fage in the entertainment circle in recent years , it !

The most mysterious person among Hong Kong artists

But Yizhan Jun still has something to say , Because in my heart , Fage is the most mysterious of all Hong Kong artists , Not one of them. !

For example, Jackie Chan once mentioned Chow Yun fat in an interview , The audience has always wanted to see their cooperation , But suffering from no chance . When Jackie Chan expressed his idea of cooperation to chow yun fat , Chow Yun Fat clearly told him , If there is no good script , Then this cooperation is completely meaningless ( The effect is so ). From Jackie Chan's point of view , Two people appear together in a movie , The requirements of fans have been met , It's necessary to shoot , Just like Jet Li and Jackie Chan cooperated for the first time 《 The king of kung fu 》 equally , Realized a dream of the audience , But Chow Yun Fat flatly refused .

Chow Yun fat's affinity to the people also surprised Hong Kong writer Cai Lan , Because he is the only one who goes out by bus , Don't worry about personal safety at all , Hong Kong stars who can interact with fans at any time .

News about this kind can be seen on the Internet from time to time , Fage doesn't appear on buses and subways , It's running or climbing in a sweatshirt , Then I took a photo with my fans on the way , Fage doesn't refuse to come , And take photos with your mobile phone .

Of course , The news that Fage does good things is often revealed , Let people have a good impression of his image !

Such Chow Yun Fat , Who can not love ?

In fact, Fage can go all the way to now , It's really not easy .

Zhou Runfa at the beginning of his debut , The star path is rough , It was once considered “ Box office poison ”. He was 179 Cm tall , Naturally stand out among Hong Kong stars , But this made him unable to find an actress to play , It's very different .

There are three directors , He became a noble man in chow yun fat's career .

Namely : Xu Anhua 、 John Woo and Wang Jing .

Xu Anhua 1981 In, I cooperated with Chow Yun Fat 《 The story of Hu Yue 》,1984 Co filmed again in 《 Fall in love with the city 》, In especial 《 Fall in love with the city 》, Although I didn't help Chow Yun Fat win the prize , But the film won the Golden Horse Award for best picture , Fan Liuyuan, played by Chow Yun fat, fully shows his handsome and dandy side .

But it was John Woo who really made Chow Yun fat popular 1987 Directed in 《 True colour of a hero 》, Chow Yun fat plays “ Little horse elder brother ”, Now it has become a classic role in Hong Kong action films .

According to Director Wang Jing , Originally “ Little horse elder brother ” There are few scenes in the film , But pat, pat , John Woo discovered Chow Yun fat's acting skills , The play is increasing , It finally became what it is now .《 True colour of a hero 》 In that year's Hong Kong film world, it was like a “ A nuclear bomb ”, Blew up the golden age of Hong Kong gun action movies . at that time “ Box office poison among actors ” Chow yun-fat , I met “ Box office poison in Directors ” John Woo , Each has opened a new chapter in their career .

They went to Hollywood around the mid-1990s to develop . But unfortunately , The two are at John Woo 2008 The first film directed in the mainland in 《 Chibi 》 Falling out before shooting , It's a pity !

It is said that the reason is that fat sister-in-law wants Chow Yun fat's treatment to follow Hollywood standards , Including shooting time, accommodation and transportation standards, etc , In the end, there was no agreement , Collapse !

Yizhan Jun heard Fage say that he was a benefactor in his acting career , It was directed by Wang Jing 《 Macao wind and cloud 2》 At the premiere of , He said to Director Wang Jing himself .

In fact, Wang Jing is worthy of .1989 year , Wang Jing only used 24 Zhou Runfa was photographed in the first day 、 Andy Lau starred in 《 God of gamblers 》, He plays the gambler Gao Jin in the film , With a big back , graceful bearing , map out a strategy , Make gambling films in Hong Kong all the rage .

Director Wang Jing has been eating the bonus of gambling films , From Chow Yun Fat 、 Lau Andy 、 Stephen Chow 、 nicky . Last , He filmed in the mainland 《 Macao wind and cloud 》 Trilogy , The box office department 10 One hundred million yuan , Let Chow Yun fat's acting career reach the peak again .

2018 It was filmed in 《 One like you 》 after , Fage hasn't released a film for more than two years . Now Fage appears in front of the audience with white hair , It can be seen that his state of mind is relatively relaxed , After all, 66 The age of , Dye your hair every day , It's also annoying .

“ One in two weeks ” It is the cornerstone of Hong Kong Films . Chow yun-fat 、 Stephen Chow 、 The golden age of Hong Kong films created by Jackie Chan , Over time , It's also coming to an end .

The personalities of the three people are also very interesting .

Jackie Chan is a man of character , Appear in public every once in a while , In addition to acting , There are a lot of social and charitable activities to participate in .

Stephen Chow wrapped himself in a shell , No new films are released , He can hardly be seen outside .

Chow Yun fat is right in the middle , His appearance , Not on the bus , Just climbing the mountain ! But the shadow of Fage is rarely seen in public , He is actually a casual person .

Last , Yizhan Jun also talked about his confusion about Fage .

Is Fage's charity true or false ?

In the past, as long as Fage appeared , The media will ask the same question : Fage and Fasao 56 When will the fortune of HK $100 million be donated ?

There were media reports : The wealth of Fage and Fasao is as high as 56 Billion Hong Kong dollars , Sister-in-law FA intends to... After a hundred years , Donate all your property for public welfare .

Every time a media reporter asks about it , The Fage on the stage just laughed : Aren't people still there now ?

Tell the truth , Yizhan Jun is disgusted with this stem .

Logically speaking , No matter how much property a person has , If all this money is legitimate , Outsiders are not obliged to ask him for donations . But what puzzles me about Fage's stem is , Even if sister-in-law FA had a similar expression , But this naked donation after death has been mentioned repeatedly , It's a little boring .

Everyone knows that Fage and Fasao love each other very much , Fage takes pity on Fasao's body , Finally chose not to have children ( Before, my sister-in-law had a baby ). It also means that , A hundred years later , They will have no heir , No amount of money will return to society .

To be frank , Yizhan Jun prefers “ Donate now ” The star of !

Among Hong Kong actors , Gu Tianle's charity is the most convincing ! After all 100 Many ancient Tianle primary schools stand on this land .

According to the former entertainment records “ Zarin ” According to , During the epidemic , Gu Tianle also gave hundreds of unemployed actors in Hong Kong in his own name Each sent a red envelope of thousands of yuan .

Real gold and silver , This is really a great act , I can't help but make people give a thumbs up !

However, Hong Kong Baptist University also commented on Chow Yun fat in its introduction : He is enthusiastic about public welfare , Donate 100 million yuan of property , Set up a charitable foundation , Help vulnerable groups .

Here, Yizhan Jun might as well remind Fage , If it's true , You can make the good deeds of the charitable foundation public one by one , It's more meaningful than mountaineering , Nor is it fishing for fame , It also eliminates society's doubts about itself .

It turns out that many people on the Internet question , Think Fage 12 In the middle of the year 8 A naked donation ,“ It turned out that there was no point , Charity is a blank ”.

If so , that “ Naked donation after death ” What happened , Don't take it anymore , There is suspicion of hype . Don't say , Nor does it damage the perfection of Fage's image .

Everyone says , Isn't it ?

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