Wu Yifan event fermentation! It is revealed on the Internet that Su mang has been invited to cooperate with the investigation. Is it true or false?

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wu yifan event fermentation revealed

It's not too much to say that the Wu Yifan incident caused a storm all over the city , Not only have all their social accounts been blocked, but also many stars have fallen into the storm of scandal , According to netizens, Lin Junjie and pan Weibai may also be members of Wu Yifan's gang , Although the follow-up results haven't come out yet , But one person has come into the public view , This man is ―― Sue mans .

Su mang is a former president of fashion group , front 《 Harper's Bazaar 》 Editor-in-Chief , There are good contacts in the entertainment circle , Because her career has a unique fashion background , If you want to get the endorsement of the brand, you must contact Su mang , and 8 month 1 Her microblog on the th because Wu Yifan was small g Wu Yifan's mindlessness helped Wu Yifan speak, resulting in his social account being banned .

In fact, she was not the only one who was banned, but also 《 Wonderful work said 》 Debater Ma Weiwei , Writer 66 , But when they are banned, they still apologize to the public through trumpet or other channels , Want to get the forgiveness of netizens . But Su mang didn't make any movement , And when Wu Yifan was boycotted and terminated by the whole network, Su mang still didn't delete any relevant news about Wu Yifan , And keep the microblog attention . This time she vowed to defend Wu Yifan to the death, which makes people fantasize .

Such a good relationship between the two people makes people wonder whether Su mang was also involved in the Wu Yifan incident ? When Su mang didn't apologize and didn't come forward, the Internet revealed that Su mang really played an important role in the Wu Yifan incident , And has been asked to investigate . Although Wu Yifan has no representative works or songs in the entertainment circle , However, Su mang used his fashion resources to help Wu Yifan get a lot of big brand endorsements , The interests of two people are very fettered , Wu Yifan also uses his identity as a flow Xiaosheng to help Su mang achieve her goal , The two are in collusion .

and 8 month 5 Some netizens found on the enterprise investigation that 《 Harper's Bazaar 》 After former editor in chief Su mang was banned by microblog , Investment companies have been forced to exceed 200 ten thousand . Asian starlight culture media ( Beijing ) Limited company added the information of the executee , Execution target 2039723 element . The company was founded in 2014 year , Su mang is one of the shareholders of the company .

At the same time, when the other two female stars Ma Weiwei and Liu Liu apologized to the whole network for their inappropriate remarks, Su mang hid behind his back and didn't say a word , Dang Jing Biran , He Jiong , When Fan Bingbing was online and was related to Wu Yifan's incident, they all chose to alarm to prove their innocence , As the leader of Wu Yifan in the fashion circle, Su mang is also led into it , She turned a blind eye, not only did she not refute for herself, but also did not publish a lawyer's letter accusing netizens, and did not choose to call the police . Instead, he chose to disappear , It's really strange that things like this are going on .

The male and female stars in the entertainment industry pay special attention to their reputation , Being involved in Wu Yifan's incident is undoubtedly a devastating blow to his career , Even go to jail , Su Mang's practice made netizens guess that she was also involved in the Wu Yifan incident , Because her career can easily contact beautiful girls , Now that she doesn't take any remedial measures against her reputation, it really makes people wonder whether she was also called by the police to the police station to investigate , Isolated from the outside world, so there is no chance to defend yourself ?

What's the truth? Let's continue to wait patiently for the police to report , I believe that after this time, those stars who want to cheat fans and netizens will converge , Stars as a person's spiritual pillar , Fans may like you because of any detail , But please don't do anything to disappoint everyone , This is worthy of the fans' love , Just worthy of the word star .

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