Reluctant to fast forward five movies, high-energy no urine point, if one did not see, it would be a pity!

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reluctant fast forward movies high-energy

First part 《 Kill by mistake and hide from heaven 》

Indian films can't change their boastful style until they die , What a good film , But from beginning to end, every critical moment is accompanied by abrupt and boastful goose bumpy sound effects and soundtrack , Is it this film that Rick stopped the impulse to dance and vented it all on the sound effect ? The movie is really good , Just because someone else can shoot such a thing without being audited, or force a harmonious ending in which the whole family turns themselves in together at the end , I think we have to praise people while we are ashamed . In short, the film is good , But as a veteran movie fan like the hero , I have a suggestion , If you can find a classic film corresponding to the hero when he carries out each step of his plan , That is to explain the details of how the hero learned to hide from the world in the film , Then this film is definitely more divine .

Second parts 《 Face changing 》

Actually , The plot is really faking , The trick of changing face is really clumsy and taken for granted . however , John Woo's action scenes are really unspoken , The look , More sophisticated than Quentin . Simple fun is very in place , Moreover, the cross transposition of the two protagonists in character , It also improves the quality of the software for this neurotic action film . This romantic John Woo , The simple male story is also swung out of the intensity of warmth and emotion . Seeing two hardline men can also gently shed tears , Although it's a little sensational , But I don't think it's vulgar . After all , The two men have always been aggressive , Occasionally in addition to being cool , Can be helpless or even out of control because of feelings , I will have a comforting and soft mood .

Third parts 《 Mad Max 4: The road of fury 》

If this is just an action movie , You can give a full score , The whole film takes two hours. It can be said that there is no urine point in the whole process , The first 30 minutes of the film have already made people's blood boil , All the action scenes were completed in a fast-moving car , nervous 、 The excitement is simply exhilarating . Fighting, gun fighting and drag racing run through the whole film , It's almost breathless , It's too addictive . Cool chariot , Cool clothes , Cool weapon , Cool scene , In such a punk art style, there are several lovely beauties with normal skin color ! The film is too commercial , This is what makes this film remarkable , The story structure is slightly thin . This film can be selected TOP250 Fully deserved ! So it's an elaborate work on the whole , Art settings and post effects are excellent products .

Fourth parts 《 Blood drill 》

It's hard to calm down after watching the film last night , It seems that I haven't seen it for a long time , No , It should be said that there has never been a film , Give me such a big shock . In fact, the shock is a little thin , All kinds of emotions in watching movies , It makes me feel like this 《 Blood drill 》, It should be the first place in my movie viewing list . As a less profound and enjoyment seeking audience , A perfect movie , To me , It's about having a fullness , tortuous , A contradictory story line , A narrative without procrastination , The atmosphere 、 A fierce scene , Deeply rooted emotions , Echoing soundtrack . In short, with admiration for such a film, let's see some film reviews of Douban , It's a bit of a disappointment Of . But everyone feels different , Personally, I think I can almost give it full marks , Because it's so good for me , Each point , Almost never missed , It makes me very useful .

Part five 《 Inception 》

As a movie , All the elements that make up it are as accurate as textbooks . Of course it's not perfect , But it's hard to find something better than it ── Everyone has his own standard in his mind , Since ancient times, there is no first martial arts, no second , Who is better than who? We can't argue if we don't go , But there is no doubt that ,《 Inception 》 Has gone beyond a recognized standard , Into the category of excellence . The film lasted two and a half hours (148 minute ), But as an audience , I can hardly feel the passage of time in the process of watching the film . In the process of watching this film , You can't relax at all , Otherwise, it's easy to lose track of the story , And lose a lot of fun watching movies . It's so cinematic , So that you go out of the cinema after watching the film , You may feel a slight illusion and doubt :THE DREAM IS REAL?

Five movies reluctant to fast forward , Which movies have you seen ? It's not easy to code words , Welcome to pay attention to like , Message discussion !

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