She made her debut at the age of 7. She once hosted the Spring Festival Gala in English. Her husband, who was 10 years younger, was abandoned

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debut age hosted spring festival

For Fang Shu, the star , Maybe many people don't know , stay 80 In the s, Fang Shu was a well-known star .7 Year old Fang Shu was selected by director Shuihua , When he was a child, Fang Shu was thin , In the movie 《 Live forever in the fire 》 Play a naive and lovely character in the anti string 、 With a sense of justice “ Little turnip ”. Because of the first acting , Let Fang Shu have the dream of becoming an actor .

Speaking of Fang Shu , I believe everyone knows this beautiful actress , In her 7 At the age of , Started filming , stay 《 Live forever in the fire 》 Play the role of little turnip head in . after , And with 《 sunrise 》 The role of Chen Bailu , Got the 9 The best actress of the Hundred Flowers Award for popular films , Since then, it has been known as the queen of flowers .

After becoming popular, Fang Shu , Even invited by the Spring Festival Gala , With Zhao Zhongxiang 、 Wang Gang 、 Jiang Kun presided over the Spring Festival Gala together , She is also the first hostess to host the Spring Festival Gala in English . In career , Fang Shu was very successful , But in the marriage twists and turns , He became acquainted with the famous director Chen Guoxing, the first husband , Unfortunately, Fang Shu divorced because of his empathy , They have a daughter , It is said that in order to get a smooth divorce , Fang Shu chose to clean himself out of the house .

Tu Honggang's career has not improved , Love life is also full of twists and turns . Tu Honggang experienced three marriages before and after , The second marriage caused quite a stir at that time , At least in the entertainment industry, it has a great influence . His second wife is beautiful actress Fang Shu , She abandoned her husband and daughter for Tu Honggang , In his career, he devoted himself to helping , For his old age to have a daughter , however 8 Years of marriage , Finally, it ends with marriage change . It is said that later life , Fang Shu is not comfortable , It's a hard life , Once beautiful woman , Recent photo: haggard , It's sad.

After the divorce, Tu Honggang married his third wife , Form a happy family , Today, 62 Fang Shu did not choose to remarry , Raising two daughters alone . The eldest daughter is now a famous media reporter , The youngest daughter has great artistic potential , She is expected to inherit her mother's art career .

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