After 4 days, Xiaos finally responded. Netizen: can't even say that I'm Chinese?

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days xiaos finally responded. responded

I believe everyone knows little S Events , For a time, there was a heated discussion , With the termination of the brand side one by one , People around her are anxious to speak for her , But she herself did not respond , Do you really want to break the jar ?

In today's , Small S Finally responded , But this sentence not only did not bring good recovery effect , On the contrary, it makes netizens talk more , Some netizens pointed out that , It's too perfunctory to explain such a serious impact in just one sentence .

It is indeed. , The constant fermentation of things , Small S No response , Bad remarks are not deleted , In an interview with the media , She said only one thing “ I want to be quiet ”, Finally there was a response and no explanation .

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