My girlfriend always likes to ask whether you love me or not. Huang Jingyu thinks it's a good thing. Li sidani's teaching response method

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girlfriend likes ask love not.

Preface : When falling in love, many girls often ask their partner a question , Namely “ Do you love me? ?”“ Do you love me or not ?”, And I won't stop until I get an answer from the other party . This is actually a kind of insecurity for girls , They all want to use this way to make sure that each other loves themselves .

Recently 《 The love of daughters 4》 in , Li Sha Minzi said that she was in love , She said she was extremely insecure , So I always ask my boyfriend this question , Basically, I ask every day .

Girlfriends always ask “ Do you love me or not ?” do

alike , Another variety show 《 The man who does the housework 》 in , Also talked about this topic . In the latest issue 《 The man who does the housework 》 in , The guests first came to discuss the questions raised by netizens . Some netizens leave a message to the program group , say :“ Girlfriends always ask if you love me , Do you love me? Such questions , How to answer ? Or what kind of answer will make her feel safe ?”

The netizen asked this question , It is entirely for the majority of male compatriots to ask , Perhaps millions of male compatriots with objects will face such a problem . Then what should I think of it , How to answer ? Let's see what the guests said .

Huang Jingyu thinks it's good for his girlfriend to ask this question

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