Mango platform is a demon again《 Brother who cuts through thorns and thorns: official announcement, 33 brothers are full of gunpowder

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mango platform demon brother cuts

Mango stage is a demon again ! Following 《 My sister 》 After a great success ,《 My brother 》 And finally Guan Xuan .

《 My sister 》 It has been a great success before , It is inevitable for the audience to “ Brother group ” I'm looking forward to your performance .

and , The official also published the fixed makeup photos and declarations of brothers according to their age ,33 Brother is full of gunpowder , It is estimated that there will be no small waves .

One 、 Huangguanzhong 、 Lin Zhixuan 、 Jordan Chan

On the first poster , Are the three oldest brothers , From left to right is Huang Guanzhong 、 Lin Zhixuan 、 Jordan Chan .

Huang Guanzhong is beyond member , She is also the husband of the goddess Zhu Yin , since 1985 Since his debut in, it has been 36 Years. .

beyond Band , Not only made great contributions to the rock music of that era , It also carries the memory of a generation . In this variety show , He is definitely one of the brothers most expected by the audience .

Lin Zhixuan is the top singer in Taiwan . His 《 Single love song 》, But many 80 after 、90 After go to KTV A must-have song . Now Lin Zhixuan is married , My son has gone to middle school , A family of three is very happy .

The next step is “ Brother Shanji ” Chen Xiaochun . He is also a hot artist in the Mainland , In the early 《 Young and dangerous 》、《 The deer and the cauldron 》 wait , It left a deep impression on the audience .

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