A recent photo of Cecilia Cheung's second son is exposed. Quintus is sunny and handsome, and his eyebrows and eyes look like his father Nicholas Tse

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recent photo cecilia cheung second

8 month 8 Japan , Cecilia Cheung's second son Quintus Recent photos of have aroused heated debate , Before that, she exposed on the social platform Quintus Photos of the , In everyone's memory Q Or the little boy hiding behind his mother , I didn't expect that now I have grown into a green boy .

Photo Quintus Dressed in black sportswear , The bangs in front of my forehead seem a little long , His facial features follow Nicholas Tse , Especially the eyes and nose , It's just like dad's , But the temperament is with my mother .

Small Q I'm still a little shy in front of the camera , He smiled shyly and didn't know what he was talking about , In life, he is not as publicized as the second generation of stars in our imagination , On the contrary, it is more calm .

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