She held red Li Xiaolu in her hand, adopted two orphans, gave up her own daughter and abandoned her adopted daughter

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held red li xiaolu hand

Nowadays, there are few works of Li Xiaolu , But in 17 By virtue of 《 Sky bath 》 Win the Golden Horse shadow queen in one fell swoop , Until now, no one has broken this record !

After reading it, I feel , Not as good as I thought .

Maybe it's because I've seen the original 《 Kill by mistake and hide from heaven 》 Why ,《 Manslaughter 》 There is not much new in the plot of .

But the most striking thing , It's Chen Chong .

She portrays a woman in the upper class of Thailand who has lost her beloved son incisively and vividly :

In uniform , Speak short and forceful , But the corners of your eyes and mouth , It's all downward bending radians , The grief of the loss of the son was accurately transmitted .

And it was like the luck of falling pie from the sky that didn't knock her unconscious , Instead, she was confused for a moment .

She felt that her life had just begun , She is still so young , Even a little ignorant , How to bear this great honor ?

She didn't even shed tears when she received the hundred flowers film ,“ Stupid , I don't know anything , Assign me a role , I played a role , I suddenly became an actor when I didn't understand .”

After giving birth to her daughter, she said she was the same for her three children , Not eccentric , But soon she got pregnant again and gave birth to a little daughter . Then she claimed that she had no mother daughter relationship with her adopted daughters , So he gave his two adopted daughters to an American couple to raise !

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