Dong Jie's temperament can't be compared with that of ordinary people. Even if only a pair of eyes are exposed, it has a lasting appeal. It's too literary and artistic

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dong jie temperament compared ordinary

Hello everyone , I'm Xiaowei, a fashion blogger, talking about clothes , I hope it will help you after reading my article !

Cowboy clothing has a high position in the fashion industry , Because jeans are casual and fashionable , Whether in daily life or on important occasions , Matching with jeans can show a good temperament . There are a lot of jeans , The most common should be jeans . Jeans can make women's style more casual , It's also one of the versatile products . Jeans also have a lot of styles , Different styles , The appropriate collocation is also different .

If you don't know how to choose jeans , You can learn from how female stars in the entertainment industry match jeans , For example, female star Dong Jie wears a lot of jeans , Her clothes are worth learning from . Dong Jie attended 《 My sister 》 after , The sense of fashion has also become stronger , Wearing awl pants is too eye-catching , And Dong Jie's temperament can't be compared with that of ordinary people , Even if you only show a pair of eyes, it has a lasting appeal , It's so literary .

Various styles of jeans awl trouser legs superior women use awl pants to match themselves is a good choice . Awl pants are actually Leggings , Tighten the design at the trouser legs , This design can make the leg shape more slender and straight . But awl pants are not suitable for women with thick legs or not very good-looking legs , Because the modification effect of awl pants is not obvious . Many people think awl pants are tight pants , But it's not , Awl pants also have the style of wide leg pants .

Wear advice : Awl pants also have many ways to match , The matching is different in different seasons . For example, in autumn and winter , Awl pants can be paired with sweaters , Both fashionable and gentle . It is recommended to match yourself with light denim awl pants , Because the light colored jeans awl pants have a strong sense of fashion , The color is light , It doesn't feel too heavy , It's fresh , It also has the effect of reducing age .

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