Wu Peici, 43, celebrated his friend's birthday with a good smile. Ji Xiaobo didn't show up

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wu peici celebrated friend birthday

After Taiwanese actress Wu Peici became Ji Xiaobo's girlfriend , Boyfriend's company financial turmoil has been constant . She is willing to have children for Ji Xiaobo in the rising period of her career , Return to family , People have different opinions about her .

Wu Peici also worked hard to get married to a rich family ,7 born 4 Son , Made up two “ good ” word , But the identity is still Ji Xiaobo's girlfriend . It is said that , Ji Xiaobo's mother's attitude is : Children can have , It's impossible to marry into a rich family .

Some time ago, news about Wu Peici's broken dream spread on the Internet , Photos of her personally taking her to buy vegetables are also circulated on the Internet , But I have to admire her inner strength , Still live according to your heart .

43 Year old Wu Peici celebrates the birthday of his good friend , Smiling and in good shape , Ji Xiaobo didn't show up .

In recent days, , Wu Peici appeared as a friend to celebrate his birthday , Straight long hair spread out , Keep all the bangs , Wearing a white bubble sleeve dress looks very young . She was unaffected by her boyfriend's debt crisis , Smiling and in a good mood .

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