Who is Huo Zhenting's favorite woman? No wonder he doesn't like Zhu Lingling

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huo zhenting favorite woman wonder

It turns out that the woman Huo Zhenting never forgets is her , No wonder she divorced Zhu Lingling , He is willing to stay alone all his life and never marry again .

Huo Zhenting is the eldest son of Huo Yingdong , It's Guo Jingjing's father-in-law , It is also a famous patriotic businessman 、 CPPCC members, etc , There are a lot of labels on him .

2001 year , China's successful Olympic bid , The applicant is Huo Zhenting , At that time, the national economy was still relatively difficult , Huo Zhenting took out 2 Billion to fill the vacancy , For the construction of the National Swimming Center , Save the country from danger .

Every time the Olympic Games are held , Huo Zhenting will go to the scene , Reward each mainland player , His contribution is too great , The state appointed him president of the Hong Kong Olympic Committee of China .

Although there are too many rich businessmen in Hong Kong , But the contribution of the Huo family to the country is unmatched , They have promoted the sports cause of the motherland to the world .

In fact, Huo Zhenting's family property can't compare with Li Ka Shing , But he has gained the respect and recognition of countless people with his own personality and pattern , It plays an important role in Hong Kong .

The once arrogant century thief Zhang Ziqiang , There are no people in Hong Kong who dare not move , Even Li Ka Shing's son dared to move .

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