In the deleted clip of gambler, Stephen Chow punched down and almost threw up Wu Mengda

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deleted clip gambler stephen chow

If you want to say a classic film of Stephen Chow in the last century , I must say 《 Gambler 》, No one will object , But , You know what ? This film serves as a lot of 80 Childhood memories years later , at that time , The version we mainland viewers see is not a complete version , But castrated , A full 19 minutes of castration , Many clips were not even seen by the Hong Kong audience at that time .

therefore , This movie always gives people an incomplete feeling , In a twinkling of an eye, the film has been shown 31 It's been years , Once the protagonists in the film , Stephen Chow has retreated behind the scenes , Andy Lau is still very popular , But it also gives people a feeling of old , After all 60 Years old , What's more, Wu Mengda , Lost his life because of cancer , But time passed 30 Years of time , I finally found a cut from the film , Although only 2 minute , But we can still see what's deleted from the film .

This cut is like this , Stephen Chow and Wu Mengda came to a bar , I saw the men in the bar bullying others , Zhou Xingchi and Wu Mengda's sense of justice burst out in an instant , however , Now , But they were counselled again , There are so many people in their bar , But there are only two of them , How to play this ? Wu Mengda is even more outspoken. Everyone inside is detestable , They'll be eaten if they go in .

But Wu Mengda came up with a bad idea , Say what? They're going to do worse than the people inside , Stephen Chow thinks so , And do it without light , The wind and cloud change color , therefore , The classic old rules are on , Wu Mengda and Zhou Xingchi guess to decide who is the one who was beaten , unfortunately , Wu Mengda lost to Stephen Chow , Then the embarrassing thing came out .

The two of them began to pretend , But , As soon as I went in, I was embarrassed , Because they just saw one side , In fact, the people inside are not fighting , But talking about things , result , They look like a pair of happy friends in the bar , As long as you're not embarrassed , Embarrassing people are others , here , The people in the bar can't watch anymore , Come up and dissuade them from making trouble , Stephen Chow is more powerful .

He really punched , This made Wu Mengda a little unresponsive , This punch goes on , Just let Wu Mengda inspire , I was almost beaten and vomited , then , The deletion stopped abruptly , Actually , The plot corresponds to , It's the story of Wu Mengda and Zhou Xingchi going to a place , The words here , I recommend that you go to the movies , Because the movie is more funny , unfortunately , Such films will never be seen again .

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