Jessica Zheng Xiuyan celebrates the 14th anniversary of her debut. Korean media accuse that it is absurd not to mention her girlhood

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jessica zheng xiuyan celebrates 14th

Both singers 、 The designer 、 actor 、 Multiple identities such as writers Jessica Zheng Xiuyan recently celebrated her debut 14 Anniversary of the .

This month, 6 On the afternoon of Sunday , singer Jessica Zheng Xiuyan through her own Instagram It conveys the desire for debut 14 The feeling of the anniversary 、 And gratitude to the fans . Han entertainment circle didn't know ,Jessica With “ Words cannot express my love and thoughts for you , my #goldenstars” Start with , Published a long article , And released a number of individual photos of himself .

next ,Jessica Continue to write “ We have witnessed each other's growth , You gave me the strength to move forward , Just let me have this beautiful journey , Without you , I can't do all this , Thank you very much !14 Years and forever ”, It conveys the right path 14 The gratitude of her fans who have supported her since the anniversary .

Last ,Jessica With “ Our journey continues ...#14YearsWithJessicaJung” End the article .

about Jessica Celebrate your debut 14 Anniversary of ins, Fans have given warm support .

However , South Korean media, on the other hand “Jessica No mention of girlhood ” citing , Accuse her of “ It's ridiculous ”. Han entertainment circle didn't know , South Korean media said : although Jessica Celebrate such a special day with fans , But it still makes people feel a little absurd .

And this “ absurd ” The reason is :Jessica stay 14 She made her debut as a member of her girlhood years ago , she INS There is no mention of it in the , No photos have been released . According to South Korean media reports :Jessica On 2007 She made her debut as a member of the girlhood ,2014 Years passed by SM The company's decision , Give Way Jessica Both personal career and girlhood activities , But in the end 9 month 30 I received... Today SM Notice from the company asking it to quit girlhood .2015 year , Both parties formally “ Break up ”.

For the Korean media “ absurd ” The accused , Fans and netizens have also left their own views :

- What's ridiculous ? If you mention it, you will be blamed , Will be accused of rubbing the heat , Will be accused of betrayal , Hasn't it always been like this ?

- accuse Jessica No hair 9 People take a group photo , Remember Tiffany The one you sent Jessica P Lost Photos ? That kind of behavior should be blamed , ha-ha ;

- People forced to leave , Why bear such abuse ?

- Can't they be safe ?Jessica Never denied anything about girlhood , But now she's just solo Singer Zheng Xiuyan ;

- If you mention it, you will probably be scolded by more people ;

- Why mention ? Don't others keep quiet about her ? Why blame her alone ? Not to say that 8 Is the person girlhood ?8 Is the individual the whole ?

- A man forced to leave has been cursed for so many years , I want to leave 3 Personally, they are popular with fans “ Love dearly ”, One of them is deliberately erased 9 The man of girlhood , Who is to blame ?

- Tell the truth , I used to like girlhood because they made me feel harmonious 9 personal , However Jessica As soon as I leave , Many people are beginning to expose their ambitions , So I only like a few of them “ A good man ” 了 ;


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