Ma Jiaqi, Liu Yaowen and song Yaxuan visited happy valley together during the summer vacation, strode side by side and chatted endlessly

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ma jiaqi liu yaowen song

The times youth league has been established for more than a year , Seven boys train together every day , Feelings are getting better and better . This year, three members participated in the college entrance examination , Both Ding Chengxin and Zhang Zhenyuan will enter the University , The group will soon become a mixture of high school students and college students .

The company has cultivated TFBOYS This combination , Therefore, we have been asking the times Youth League according to the standard of three small ones . Although the times youth league has received a lot of resources , Start broadening the circle , But the basic skills still fall , They often get together to rehearse , Meet a brother for his birthday , Just celebrate your brother's birthday together ,TFBOYS Some brothers and souls , There are also... In this combination .

Younger martial brothers are TFBOYS As an example , I also respect my senior brothers .TFBOYS Just ushered in the eighth anniversary , The times Youth League also sent blessings , The comment area is all “ Happy eighth anniversary ” My blessing , For the first time, I think family fans are so united .

The rehearsal gags of the times youth league are also very interesting , It shows the friendship between boys all the time . Once song Yaxuan got the chance to be a director , Record the status of the brothers before rehearsal , There are people sitting together chatting , There are also people lying on the sofa , Everyone is comfortable , It seems to be home here .

Song Yaxuan's palm mirror , Almost all the pictures taken are faces , Naked Welfare . Brother Wen's hair is wet when he practices dancing , While protesting that the camera is too close , While following song Yaxuan's instructions , Smile at the camera .

Zhang Zhenyuan rehearsed very hard , His face is red , The fan is broken, too , Open the door for song Yaxuan , The relationship between brothers is super good .

Some people say that the pictures on the camera are not enough to prove their friendship , But some netizens came across three people visiting Happy Valley , Brotherhood in reality , Also made some questions in the face .

Not all the members of Happy Valley this time , But Ma Jiaqi, Liu Yaowen and song Yaxuan . The three are wearing black short sleeves , Wearing a mask and hat , Very low key . As soon as they entered the door, they were very happy , Walk side by side , You can feel their excitement when you look at their backs .

The three seem to be coming for some projects , Wait in line , During the waiting period, the three people also get together , I don't play with my cell phone much , But there are endless whispers . Ma Jiaqi is also much more relaxed than before , Can come out to play with my good brothers , It also shows that his inner burden is not so heavy .

However, the three met illegitimate students in the process of playing , Illegitimate students followed them close up , After Liu Yaowen found out , Gently persuade me not to be so close , It's already very face saving . Illegitimate students have always been a group perplexing the Youth League of the times , Because of their existence , Three people go out to play , Not completely relaxed .

In fact, I saw three people traveling in Happy Valley , I will think of the picture of going to Beijing happy valley together , At that time, although it was to record the program, all seven had a good time . They also left the signature of the Youth League there , Wrote down the names of seven people , And the abbreviation of combination , For the fans who go back .

Now the three people revisit here , Maybe you'll feel differently , Maybe they went to this place to punch in . Although they started early , Psychological maturity , But there is also a childlike side in my heart , Eager to go to the playground to relax . I hope they can be released there , Forget the unhappy things , After coming back , Work hard , Also study hard , Make a better self .

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