Summer is coming and the league is not at home: it has been a year, but the most complete one is the air transportation alliance

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summer coming league home year

Because of the Nanjing epidemic, you can't even go out of your house , I had to find the travel music variety of the League to make a substitute meal . After chasing tomorrow last year, I paid little attention to the bands , See their interaction after nearly a year , Although some things are different, there are still some aftertaste of that summer .

The time point is better ,4 The band's trip has been relaxed , I didn't expect that there was no difference with one of the members in the final, only the air transportation League . I still remember that everyone was not optimistic about the regiment suffering from external forces at that time , Unexpectedly, the business car with more vocalists and less musical instruments has been driving the most stably and for the longest time , Melons with strong twist are sometimes very sweet . After a year, I feel that everyone's mind is clearer , In especial “ Marriage miracle ” The combination of cosmology , Talk about adult accidents and the pursuit of art very well , Alliance people not only need to love music, but also need to eat properly ~ So you can have a better relationship after the game . And the famine of the universe can only be the limit of summer , The past cannot be traced . Watching them play games and eat, I think of the happiness of eating from early morning to midnight in Xi'an carbon water Kingdom .

Nap gramophone without Shen ZHENGBO , In fact, I don't like Shen ZHENGBO very much , Just pity Mr. Liao , It's very hurt for the initial members to put down the pick . This episode has a mother's love for Ju Yiming , After shaving his head, he goes well with the grassland , Samuhar appendage ~ Guess the song is the most interesting paragraph of the current period . Nap is a team that looks very harmonious , But it's still more like Liao Juntao and his accompanists ~

Fruit planet is my game time pick A band in , Like the air transport alliance, they maintained five people , But the drummer changed from Wang Shunhe to teacher Xie , Mr. Xie is more comfortable with them . My love is always strong in this team , More expectations for them , Although Zhang Min's collapsed house is difficult to see directly , As long as I'm just a listener , It won't hurt . Compared to the journey of other bands , Fruit is more distracted , Write to each other and read it when everyone is there , It's a good way to build a league , But not too much will numb .

The galaxy is the best of the four bands visible to the naked eye , Because apart from Zhang Jiayuan, who has been promoted to the men's League , The other two groups are the original couple of the duet period . Ren yinpeng, please give up Aidou eye makeup , It looks a little exaggerated off the stage , This issue is some of the most relaxing for me , Everyone is a college student feel, Changsha is also a delicious city , I really want to eat after the epidemic !

Next week is the most anticipated wow, haw, wow, tomorrow's art show of the four business units , Other keywords are basically expected , The positive solution is so much to look forward to !!! The positive solution is the eternal God in the finals , I'm looking forward to the same stage again .

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