Lei Jiayin's wife, whose identity is public, is hidden and exposed at the end of September. She is the goddess of childhood

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lei jiayin wife identity public

In today's entertainment circle , Many male stars will also receive great attention because of their own meteorological questions , Like known as “ Shuquan ” Lei Jiayin, the representative figure, is the tool of many hot discussions in Guanzhong . Although Lei Jiayin and Tong Liya are famous in the circle “ Screen cp”, But everyone who inquired about Lei Jia knew that he had already been married , Today, he has been hiding for nine years, and the publicity of his daughter-in-law's identity has also become a hot topic on the website .

Growing a beard is a must for a man to mature , Lei Jiayin with a beard doesn't show Yang Shuo's strong sense , Contrary to this situation, he looks very tough , This blue suit is also famous for flu under its explanation , The proportion of the body that is displayed as a result of the whole body painting is also known as very perfect .

The one in the photo is Zhai Xufei, Lei Jiayin's daughter-in-law , Pay attention to her beautiful condition, which makes people understand why Lei Jiayin hasn't been drying her daughter-in-law for nine years . Zhai Xufei, who was originally an actress, is really the childhood goddess of many people , Look at Zhai Xufei's lively look in the drama circle now. He still hasn't changed a bit , Even if she is frugal and dressed up at this time, her charm may be very strong .

Zhai Xufei, the childhood goddess with a high face value, now her understanding of avant-garde is also excellent . Like her black bra shirt + The combination of Silver Compact skirt is even a very wild dress , Just looking at her dress without looking at her face really makes me think that she is a Korean actress Yu Ya . The sexy black and silver dress is embellished by this black starry robe , The weather seems to be extremely accidental .

For Jia at Zhai Xufei's age , Temperamental dressing is very suitable for her . Her Tulle shirt + The collocation of white high waist pants is even a very classic temperament dressing , The flexibility of the top Tulle plan also makes Zhai Xufei look more feminine , The big legs that the high waist pants plan to show are also extremely good . I wonder if you have been amazed by Lei Jiayin's daughter-in-law status for nine years ? I also wish their loving couple a better and better life in the future .

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